Spamwatch: An Introduction

When we included our contact email up there and asked you to “Email Us”, we were hoping that some of you will get in touch. True enough some of you did and we are very grateful for that. We hope that you will continue to send us emails because we love reading them 🙂

However, we also have been receiving a lot of spam mail from people who are promoting just about anything under the sun. Like the following for instance:

Our corporation is searching for staff in the United States to be our representative in the North America
Funding of USD70000 /yr.
We don’t ask for any investment.
Are you interested? Visit our site, to know more

Our take: Talk about sending the wrong message to the wrong guy. If our spammer is truly looking for a staff in the U.S. wouldn’t you think s/he’ll come up with a better recruitment process. And that thing about not asking for investment. I’ll bet s/he is telling the truth. After all, pag may investment, merong return on investment. In this case however, you can kiss your money goodbye if you ever gave them money. Consider it a donation because hindi na babalik iyan.

Now here’s another spam designed to ensnare loveless lonely people. To her credit, she knows what she’s doing because she’s sending this spam just before the season of love. Kawawa ka nga naman pag wala kang valentine date. She’s right there waiting for you. A pretty nice girl who will send you pictures.

Do not ignore me please,
I found your email somewhere and now decided to write you.
Let me know if you do not mind. If you want I can send you some pictures of me.
I am a nice pretty girl. Don’t reply to this email.
Email me direclty at

We have included her email not because we want you to write her but because we want those who harvest emails on the web to spam her as well. Hopefully they will be spamming each other.

Since this is Spamwatch: An Introduction we will be featuring and mocking other spams in future posts. So spammers send us your spam so we will have materials to use.

Meanwhile, those of you looking for news and information about the Cordilleras should visit our new home.

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