COMELEC Proclaims Cesy Luna as Abra’s Representative

Abra will have a Representative when Congress opens this month. Congratulations to former Lagayan Mayor Cecilia Luna (seen in photo above through her bullet riddled campaign vehicle) who won over ex-Governor Vicente Valera for the post. Luna was proclaimed by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) last Wednesday, July 11.

This marks the first time in 20 years that the Valeras, who ruled Abra since EDSA Uno, will be out of power.

From the Inquirer: “Luna, in the latest Comelec tally, garnered 34,103 votes while Valera received 33,493 votes, or a margin of 610 votes. Gil Valera (no relation to Vicente) was third with 17,828 votes.”

Again, congratulations to Abra’s new Congresswoman. However, we would like to echo this comment from “… lead us not into bad but in peace and progress..”

UPDATE: Valera reveals that he is going to contest Luna’s proclamation even if he has to go all the way to the Supreme Court. Report here.

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7 thoughts on “COMELEC Proclaims Cesy Luna as Abra’s Representative”

  1. It’s quite interesting to see how da old guv gets to complete his unfinished mansion??!! Most of the Valera’s were voted out so we’ll just sit and watch Abra at least make some improvements. Cheers…

  2. Hi Trublue,
    Am with you in hoping that Abra will move on from its violent past. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Cheers.

  3. Hi Anonymous (12:51)
    Hmmm, not a good choice ba? Honestly, I don’t know much about her so am giving her the benefit of the doubt hehe. And for the sake of Abra and its people am hoping that she turns out to be a good Representative. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Anonymous (12:57)
    Hehe, interesting picture, no. The photographer deserves credit. Thanks.

  4. kuya bill,
    naging mayor sya ng lagayan, abra for years pero wala namang pinagbago dun.

    i was surprised nga na ang lakas-lakas ng loob nyang tumakbo nitong eleksyon e ni lagayan nga na small town nde nya nabago. san napunta ang IRA? syempre sa mga houses nila and trips to US lang naman.

    wala rin syang pinag-iba kay gloria. they are both liars at mahilig mag-inarte. may dugong artista?!

    with or without abra’s rep, mananatiling walang boses ang abra sa kongreso. kaya ipagdasal na lang natin ang abra…god bless abra! (sigh)

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for the info. Kawawa naman ang bayan natin kung ganoon ano. Am with you in praying for Abra. Thanks.

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