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Cordi Athlete Breaks National Record

Three cheers to Marie Felice Gallaga for breaking a national high jump record. Kasta man nga kailiyan. By the way, her name may actually be Marla Felice Ellaga because this is the name that’s listed at the Palaro website. Marie/Marla, according to some news reports, is from Baguio City.

Cordillera athlete breaks high jump record using improvised equipment

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Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

Crossposted at From the Boondocks:

Ay kakabsat ken kakailiyan, hehe, i-promote ko man daytoy barbaro nga blog ko. I felt guilty and silly writing sponsored posts in this blog and in our other blog so I decided to come up with a new blog where I can do sponsored posts shamelessly. Eh dahil malapit na din ang Olympics and one of my first ever writing assignment years ago is to do an Olympic story so I decided to come up with The Olympian Blog.

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