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Give Him Credit

Well, we’re sure you know that we’re not a fan of Baguio Congressman Mauricio Domogan (note: we used to like him when he was starting his political career) but we’re giving him credit for putting up a website which provides details on where his pork barrel is going. So let’s give the Congressman points for transparency. We hope that other Cordillera officials are just as transparent with their use of public funds so their constituents can see where these are being spent.

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How to Spend P20 Million, III

We’re publishing your comments in the main page for the others who don’t visit the comments section. Thanks everyone.

From Trublue:
While some suggestions are quite dandy, let’s all narrow it down to:

  • 8 million to BGH
  • 8 million to improving the city library and buy quality books NOT photocopied materials
  • 2 million to various legitimate fundraisers including Ramon Dacawi’s
  • The remaining 2 million or less, have mayor Pete buy his councilors one HORSE each, good for the environment of Baguio and clean air! I’d like to see Perlita and her cohorts visit their constituents on horseback.

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Bautista Vetoes Car Plan, But….

Well friends, seems like all that criticism directed against the plan by the Baguio City Council to buy cars had some effect. Mayor Peter Rey Bautista vetoed the plan but only because “the phrase ‘car plan’ in the resolution is inappropriate”. Read Vincent Cabreza’s report here.

Dude, what kind of silliness is behind that “I’m vetoing it because the term used is technically not correct” thing? Iyan ang sabi nilang hiding behind technicalities.

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Halsema: Questions, Questions, and a Suggestion

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Now that that shameless, shameless plug from the Evil Bill Bilig is over and done with, let’s go back to one of one of our favorite blog topics, the Halsema Road. Because I’ve already yacked a lot about this much lamented (but nonetheless scenic) highway, I am stealing the ideas of our blogger friends (with their permission of course) and putting them here:

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