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Judging Your Congressman By Their Look-alikes! Part One

Since the May elections is fast approaching, I think it is apt if we give some space to people who will be running after you to beg for your votes. Let us start with Cordillera Congressmen, since we already featured them earlier (here) and we have readily available pictures of them to run through, a website which allows you to look for your celebrity look-alike. That is, if you are so inclined.

I know, I know, Igorots are not into celebrities but this is kinda fun and From the Boondocks, as you all know, is also about the fun stuff.

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The Cordillera Welcomes You

Let’s continue welcoming the new year and let’s be somewhat literal about it 🙂 Here are pictures of the welcome arches that are usually the first things you see when you enter the Cordillera provinces. Unfortunately, we can’t find photos for Benguet and Kalinga; I know they have welcome arches but no one took the trouble of photographing them and uploading them to the web. Well, we will include said missing welcome arches once we come across pictures of them in the future.

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