The Cordillera Welcomes You

Let’s continue welcoming the new year and let’s be somewhat literal about it 🙂 Here are pictures of the welcome arches that are usually the first things you see when you enter the Cordillera provinces. Unfortunately, we can’t find photos for Benguet and Kalinga; I know they have welcome arches but no one took the trouble of photographing them and uploading them to the web. Well, we will include said missing welcome arches once we come across pictures of them in the future.

ABRA: The Abra welcome arch, probably the best one in the Cordilleras.

APAYAO: The Apayao welcome arch in Luna, Apayao (I think).

BAGUIO: This somewhat uninspired (he he..) welcome sign is right in the center of Baguio City.

IFUGAO: The Ifugao welcome arch somewhere in, well, Ifugao. Sorry, I’ve no idea where. Maybe the Ifugao-Nueva Vizcaya boundary?

MT. PROVINCE: The Mt. Province welcome arch in Bauko, right near the Benguet-Mt. Province boundary.

UPDATE: Here’s a Benguet welcome sign courtesy of BIBAK-San Diego. It is located at the Benguet-La-Union boundary.

SOMEWHAT RELATED POSTS: Review of Local Government Websites; Look, Your Congressman is Working. PHOTO CREDITS: The Batch 2006 website (for the Baguio, Ifugao, and Mt. Province photos); the Department of Tourism (for the Abra and Apayao pictures); and BIBAK-San Diego for the Benguet picture.

3 thoughts on “The Cordillera Welcomes You”

  1. just a precaution, never ever give crticisms about a place if you have no basis for your comments and criticisms. it seems that your comments were so biased. im an ifugao and basing o your piece your to ignorant about ifugao

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    I certainly welcome criticisms in this blog but could you point out how my comment is biased against Ifugao? I merely mentioned that I do not know where the welcome sign is located and hinted that it may be in the Ifugao-Nueva Vizcaya boundary. I am ignorant about where it is located but does that mean I am biased? Certainly not.

    If anyone has a right to complain siguro it should be the people from Baguio because I said that the Baguio welcome sign is uninspired which it is. Although Baguio might have better welcome signs in other parts of the city.

    Peace and thanks for visiting.

  3. Hi again Anonymous,
    After reviewing the post, I can understand why the comment for Baguio can be misunderstood to have been meant for Ifugao. I have now added the names of the LGU before the comments to avoid further misunderstanding. Thanks.

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