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“Ang tagal nilang ipinapangakong ipasasara nila hanggang ngayong umaapaw na wala namang aksyon.” — Irisan Barangay ChairmanThomas Dumalti.

“Hihintayin pa ba naming maging mala-Payatas ito, at may mamatay sa pagguho ng basura bago sila kumilos?” — Irisan Barangay Kagawad Phillip Tanawi.

Irisan folks are barricading the Irisan dumpsite because they’re feed up. Report here. Whatever happened to Baguio’s garbage segregation program? Gone of the wind na rin ba iyon?

6 thoughts on “Quotes of the Day”

  1. If people segregate their garbage, that will decrease the garbage. Diverting paper, food waste, recyclable bottles/cans will decrease the amount of garbage. But I imagine there’s still going to be garbage that has to go to landfill/dumpsite since people keep producing and buying non-recyclable garbage. So if they close Irisan, where’s all that garbage going to go?

  2. Hi Wil,
    I know and I always wonder why we can’t do such a simple thing as garbage segregation.

    I think they’re bringing the garbage to Pampanga according to some reports.

  3. Update on this issue is here. Looks like Irisan dump is already full, or at least will be in less than a year. The search for a dump/landfill has begun….

  4. Lets face it, Filipinos are dirty people. A garbage dumpsite is the least to worry about when Pinoys can’t even use a trash can.

  5. Anonymous 9:22 – agree with your rant! I’m not a Filipino but a true blue igorot. Maybe your rant is directed to non-igorots also.


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