Paper Roses From Baguio’s Garbage

Can you imagine the impact if seemingly simple projects like this one are implemented by government authorities at a much bigger scale. There would be much lesser garbage and more livelihood opportunities. If small organizations can do it, I don’t see any reason why government cannot do it as well.

Let’s give the Women’s Livelihood Organization of Imelda Village in Baguio our Boon Award for their worthwhile project. Creating livelihood opportunities for 22 people is no joke and is a big accomplishment which deserves recognition. Cheers to you women of Imelda Village.

Baguio residents recycle garbage into flowers
Philip Erpelo/ABS-CBN Baguio

BAGUIO CITY – Flowers made from recycled paper; this is what makes the residents of Imelda Village Barangay proud!

Under the leadership of the Women’s Livelihood Organization, flower and basket-making are sustaining financially its 22 members.

“This livelihood prioritizes the indigenous people. We teach them how to make quality products. This will therefore help them satisfy their daily needs,” said Kagawad Santos Casuga.

90% of the income goes to the members who made the flowers. Only 10% goes to the organization.

The group desires to help the families who do not have any other source of income.

“This is one way of providing resources to unemployed families. It’s also a way to divert the attention of the people away from bad habits and vices,” said Annie Paraiso, Women’s Livelihood Organization president.

Residents said they are proud and willing to support the endeavors of this group.

“I’m so proud! This really helps the families who are in need,” said Brian Dilan.

“This kind of work is of great help to the people. Those who do not have anything to do can definitely make this an option,” said Nida Banaña.

The organization has reaped three livelihood awards including “Best Implemented Project” and “Best Recycled Product.”

“We encourage mothers who have no work to study the making of flowers from recycled paper to uplift their condition,” said Paraiso.

Such projects also promote tourism for the city of Baguio.

“Barangay activities are all geared towards tourism,” said Community Affairs Officer Laurence Adube.

“This gives pride to us residents of Barangay Imelda Village because we use recycled materials to produce beautiful objects,” said Casuga.

6 thoughts on “Paper Roses From Baguio’s Garbage”

  1. Wen nga agpaysu, instead of complaining about the stinky garbage, do something positive about it.

    The problem sometimes is when the government allots a fund for a certain project, dadaan pa sa maraming kamay yan. Till what’s left of it would be stretched and far not enough for the original purpose.

    Cheers to the Women of Imelda Village! Mga babae talaga, glad I belong to the same specie hehehe…

  2. Kaya nga ayaw ko sa JPEPA. Problema natin where to throw our garbage tapos we will let Japan use our country as its garbage bin.

  3. …looks great, but what about the question of germs..?

    I’ve seen so many garbage WORMS lately squirming from the streets towards the doorsteps of Baguio residents.


  4. Hi Lovelyn,
    Thanks. Baka naman may honorary members din na men hehe.

    You’re right about that corruption thingie; sad but true.

    Hi Chyt,
    Thanks. Good point. And there is the possibility that other countries will follow suit dumping their wastes upon us. Grrrr.

    Hi Chi,
    Oo nga ano. I haven’t thought of that. I hope they sanitize everything before they are recycled. Thanks.

    Seems like Baguio is getting worse than Manila these days, no?

  5. Interesting. Recently, I was in New Orleans and spotted rose-shaped flowers made out of used plastic grocery shopping bags. The vase of flowers was displayed in a boutique type interior decorating store. I took photos because I thought they were beautiful and can find a place in huge houses.

    Maybe all groups in Baguio should drop any other plans that they now have about the Centennial and address Baguio’s waste crisis. How about Panagbenga floats and parade marcher props that is made only of recycled materials. The challenge will require quite a stretch of imagination but maybe that is was Baguio direly needs.

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