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Update on Strawberry Woodstock

We received a note from Ramon Zialcita of Baguio Market Network informing us that the schedule for Strawberry Woodstock which was originally set on April 25-27 has been moved to May 29-31, 2008.

So change your schedule friends, especially if you are planning to watch this event via the internet. You can watch it on the Baguio Market website. Meanwhile, here’s the list of artists who confirmed their participation:

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Coming Up Too: First Benguet Country Fair

Seems like a lot of interesting events will be coming up these coming weeks. First, we told you about the Strawberry Woodstock. Then, there’s Cordillera Day which will be celebrated by our friends from the left. Then, now we have a Benguet Country Fair intended to showcase Kabenguetan’s love for everything country.

First Benguet Country Fair slated
Sunstar Baguio

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The Bigis Guys Strike Again

Note: If Youtube tells you that the video is “no longer available”, you can actually play it by clicking at the title of the post and then playing the video. There must be a bug somewhere causing this problem.

Wow. The Bigis guys keep on producing great songs and great videos. Our personal favorite would still be their Bigis song or “Ay Bigis Ka a.k.a. Are You a Worm?” but this one is really good too. For non-Kankanaey speakers, the song is mostly an advice to vegetable farmers to bring their products ASAP to the vegetable trading post so they can get a good price for their produce.

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Coming Up: Strawberry Woodstock

Found this via the BSU Blog. What is it? It is a two day concert scheduled 25-27 April as a tribute to Overseas Filipino Workers. Cool, eh? Proceeds of the concert will be used for the renovation of the San Jose Parish Church in La-Trinidad.

The concert is being organized by the Baguio Market Network in cooperation with The Benguet State University, The Province of Benguet, The Municipality of La Trinidad, and The San Jose Parish Community.

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Those Bigis Guys

The Bigis guys, who we earlier blogged about here, are doing a great job producing songs and videos which are quite enjoyable.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the video above, “Tayattat”, is well made and really entertaining. But it might anger the ladies a bit because it kind of reinforces the woman = yackity yack stereotype. Hopefully the Bigis guys will make a video making fun of men stereotypes to balance things out.
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