Those Bigis Guys

The Bigis guys, who we earlier blogged about here, are doing a great job producing songs and videos which are quite enjoyable.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the video above, “Tayattat”, is well made and really entertaining. But it might anger the ladies a bit because it kind of reinforces the woman = yackity yack stereotype. Hopefully the Bigis guys will make a video making fun of men stereotypes to balance things out.

As requested by Kayni, here’s my attempt to translate the song, “Tayattat”. It is more of a contextual, rather than a literal, translation. Also, the song is in Benguet Kankanaey so I’m sure there are words which I misunderstood and thus mistranslated. Feel free to correct or improve the translation in the comments 🙂

It is said that women are naturally talkative
I understand that but you’re overdoing it
My ears turned blue because of you

From the morning until the evening
Even at night, you keep on yakking
You have things to say about everything I do
You even have a problem with the way I comb my hair
If you won’t stop, you might regret it

We men can understand
One word is enough for us
You don’t have to say again and again
The things you want to tell us

You might think you look good
If you use your mouth like a machinegun
Here’s a mirror, try to look at it

You see, sweetheart, your lips are twisted
Your nose and lips are on fire
I thought….
Where’s the lips that I feel in love with
It’s been replaced by a diesel exhaust

We men can understand
One word is enough for us
You don’t have to say again and again
The things you want to tell us

To be fair, this is my only problem with you
And you were not like this when we were not married

When I come from work, I’m very tired
A hot cup of coffee, is what you should offer me
Your touch, a backrub, a massage are what I need

I know though that you are also tired
Because of the house work and taking care of the kids
That’s why your smile is enough to cure my tiredness
Even though you keep on yakking I will bear with this
Because my love for you still wins

We men can understand
One word is enough for us
You don’t have to say again and again
The things you want to tell us

Please, I hope you will change your ways.

The next video, “Tulagen Ta’s Padi”, is not as fun as “Tayattat” but it too has nice comedic touches at the end. What’s most interesting in this video is its great visuals.

Great job Bigis guys. I’m a fan of your work.

VIDEO CREDIT: b335ting

8 thoughts on “Those Bigis Guys”

  1. Right on Bigis. Do some more videos of these “tayattat” women so I can show them to someone I personally know. It would be fun! Cheers!

  2. the video is funny. i could understand a few words “subil” among them, and i think he was feeding her “pandesal” dipped in coffee =). anyway, bill, can you translate the whole song?…lol

  3. Hilarious ngay ha ha. I like them. Altho of course the theme is anti-women so beware bigis guys, Ibibitin kau patiwarik. Well, it’s not a gender issue per se if you look at it in the angle of marital relationships. But in a way, it espouses thinking that women are “tayattat” and that’s where stereotyping comes in. In fairness, we cannot generalize women as such. The way they presented it however is good because it came up with a resolution. Bill, I will post that in another forum, k. Thanks.

  4. Hi Trublue,
    Ha, so you’re also a fan 🙂 Thanks.

    Hi Kayni,
    I’ll try to translate “Tayattat” and do an update. Sagkik is hotcake/pancake in Finontok and other Cordi languages. Ilibre kita ng sagkit if ever we meet in Bontoc hehe.

    Hi Pureza,
    It was good that love prevailed in the end ano 🙂 Thanks.

  5. Thank you so much for the translation. Ha, I really doubt “one word is enough for men.” But, the song does say how much the man loves the woman amidst her “tayattat” mouth. Vice versa, the woman loves her man even if he needs reminding most of the time. Now, I get it.

  6. fun song!

    i just don’t like the diesel exhaust and machine gun-mouth/lip analogy. wives keep yakking dahil si hubby ay nagbibingibingihan. tsaka engot naman kase if you think the person you married will stay the same eh the boyfriend is extra sweet and gentleman-like nga naman dati! if the hubby stays the same like the way he was nung bf pa lang siya, the wife will not change din! 🙂 Di ba, gurlz????!


  7. I never laughed so hard, rofl. I didn’t understand most of the words but with what I did know and the vids themselves, both were priceless! Keep it up, guys. Can’t wait for the next installment, lol.

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