The Bigis Guys Strike Again

Note: If Youtube tells you that the video is “no longer available”, you can actually play it by clicking at the title of the post and then playing the video. There must be a bug somewhere causing this problem.

Wow. The Bigis guys keep on producing great songs and great videos. Our personal favorite would still be their Bigis song or “Ay Bigis Ka a.k.a. Are You a Worm?” but this one is really good too. For non-Kankanaey speakers, the song is mostly an advice to vegetable farmers to bring their products ASAP to the vegetable trading post so they can get a good price for their produce.

This is what happens when we have a system where middlemen dictate the buying price of vegetables and where the President allows uncontrolled vegetable importation because it personally benefits her.

So a farmer’s income depends not on hard work but on whether or not he reaches the vegetable trading post at a favorable time. And we wonder why farmers tend to be fatalists?

3 thoughts on “The Bigis Guys Strike Again”

  1. haay naku mayat koma ngem awan met emotions na jay singer..hehe.manong wil, you gotta see this.peace;-)

    nice to see those familiar places again…go gardeniros!hehe…

  2. @Jean, nyahahaha. He sings with more emotion than me yata. hehe. To be fair, style ng singer is rapping yata instead of singing. Kasi doon sa bigis song, parang nag-rap rin sya.

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