Land Scam in Baguio?

Ramon Tulfo is not my kind of columnist but he does have interesting “exposes” sometimes. In his December 22, 2007 column he writes about a Cordillera official who is reportedly selling Baguio ancestral lands.

Hah! If Tulfo’s story is true, we are totally clueless as to who this official is but maybe some of you know.

From Ramon Tulfo’s On Target:

During the time of President Marcos, a judge of the defunct Court of First Instance approved the titling of Burnham Park in Baguio City to a private person.

Up to now, that kind of scam is going on in Baguio City.

There is reportedly a racket in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources where ancestral lands of native tribes are auctioned off illegally.

The Court of Appeals recently nullified land auctions conducted by the DENR in Baguio, calling them scams.

An official of the Cordillera Autonomous Region, a professed close friend of a former Cabinet secretary, is reportedly selling ancestral lands of Igorot tribesmen in the City of Pines.

Secretary Lito Atienza, please look into this matter!

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INFO SOURCE: Inquirer.

2 thoughts on “Land Scam in Baguio?”

  1. Baguio is very small and if people in power will sell off the bits and pieces of government owned parks, what will be left for the Baguio people to enjoy some fresh air and open spaces?

  2. Hi Tina,
    Wala na yatang matitira. I don’t think there will be any open spaces left. Too bad.


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