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And Now the Search for Justice

Toronto Updates:
Our thanks to Tan Canchela for forwarding us the link to the Philippine Reporter, a Filipino community newspaper in Toronto which covered this tragedy.

Hermie Garcia: The groundswell of community support generated by the Oct. 1 murder of 27-year old live-in caregiver Jocelyn Dulnuan is very encouraging. The struggle for justice in the Jeffrey Reodica fatal shooting by a police officer is still fresh in the minds of Filipino Canadians in Toronto . Yet here comes another campaign for justice for the community to take on. Read the full article here.

Jonathan Canchela: Indeed, if you are Filipino, you cannot help but grieve for what happened to Jocelyn, who was found dead in a basement of her employer’s multi-million-dollar mansion in Mississauga last October 1. Indeed, if you are Filipino, you cannot help but grieve more over the action (or inaction) of the Philippine Consulate – which, just to remind you, represents the Philippine government – in handling situations like this. While we seek justice for Jocelyn, we also ask questions about the actions of the government in this particular case. Read the whole article here.

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Dear John in Heaven

Dear John Denver,
Thank you for your gift of music. I remember listening to you while riding the Skyland Bus from Sagada to Baguio. The bus conductor kept playing your songs over and over and yet over again. Maybe he didn’t have any other cassette tape to play. But maybe, and I think this is the more likely reason, he is a big fan of yours.

The interesting thing is that no passenger complained about it. No one got up to tell the conductor to shut you down after we heard Rocky Mountain High for the uptenth time. Maybe we were all too tired to care. After all, the Halsema trip is a tiresome ride, then, as it is now. But maybe, and this is the more likely reason, we too were all big fans of yours.

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Safety First

Joel Fagsao, who blogs at Mountain Life and who maintains the website has a sad letter about a truck driver who died when boulders fell on his truck while driving on the Halsema Road. Some excerpts from Joel’s letter:

On September 14, 2007 at about 9:00 PM, Winston Sili Pawid, a native of Lesseb, Bauko was driving home towards Bontoc. He is a truck driver of Ranee Enterprises, the San Miguel Beer products dealer here in Mountain Province owned by Mrs. Eugenia Manao. When his truck passed by within the vicinity of Lukib, boulders and all fell down on his truck. The landslide carried with it his truck down below. It was only in the morning of September 15, 2007 that the incident was discovered. Winston leaves behind 1.6 year old son and his wife, Geraldine Cabiadan Pawid who is my employee.

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