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The Sagada 11

They first called themselves the “Punks 11”. For some reason, they decided to change their designation to the “Sagada 11”. My guess is that the change was meant to catch more public attention.

They were successful in that regard since I got interested in their story when I started hearing of the Sagada 11. But being a good I-Sagada, I was irritated when some of the group’s supporters started calling for a boycott of Sagada. What the heck, they shamelessly appropriate Sagada’s good name and are now smearing the place. Here’s a picture that speaks for itself which I found in this site.

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In the news: Cheryl Daytec-Yangot

We have not been following the nursing scandal but one of our commenters (Harold M.) alerted us to the fact that lawyer Cheryl Daytec-Yangot, a native of Besao, Mt. Province, is very much in the midst of this unfolding story.

This got us intrigued so we followed the news and eventually decided to blog about it. From the very start, we’d like to make it clear that Cheryl and her companions who exposed the leakage of exam questions during the June 2006 nursing board are the good guys in this sordid affair.

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FtB Lister Macliing Dulag: In Good Company

Here’s a picture of The Wall where Macli-ing Dulag’s name is inscribed along with the names of other Filipino heroes and martyrs. The Wall of Remembrance (located at EDSA corner Quezon Avenue in Quezon City) seeks to honor those who were brave enough to confront the Marcos dictatorship when most Filipinos were saying, “Hallelujah Marcos. You are the savior of the country.”

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The List, Part 7: Chandu and Alyce Claver

When someone texted me that Chandu and Alyce Claver were ambushed, I took time out from my busy day to pray for them. I’m not a prayerful person and I don’t personally know the victims but if you come from the Cordilleras ( Kalinga and Mt. Province in particular) you would know that the Claver name is a good family name and it would not be hard to feel for the family when any of them is in danger.

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