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Four Riddles From Abra

The previous posts have been kind of serious so lets lighten up a bit before we are justly accused of being G and D (Grim and Determined). Anyway, lets do some riddles or bolboltiya or burburcha which I copied from

As riddles go, these are a bit risqué. Don’t tell me you weren’t warned. If you like this kind of stuff though, you might want to join our Abrenian friends here.

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Apayao: Isneg Folktales

This photo of Isneg children learning to dance (courtesy of seasite) is a timely reminder that our traditions will not die when passed on to the next generation. It also encouraged me to continue posting Cordillera folktales so our kids will learn about the stories of our people. From our first installment on the origin of the peace pact (which you can read here), let’s move on to two Isneg folktales. Since the Cordilleras is renowned for its rice terraces, it is fitting that these tales are about rice.