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Boon Award: Bibaknets Educational Subsidy Fund

So let’s continue our role as the self-appointed arbiter of what is good and what is bad (yeah we’re taking the role very very seriously), by giving a Boon “You’re Doing Good” Award to the Bibaknets Educational Subsidy Fund (BESF). If you still haven’t heard of the BESF then you should visit their website. But don’t just visit, maybe you should also support their projects particularly their educational program.

Anyway, why are we giving BESF a Boon Award? Because it is helping to send some of our kailiyans to school that’s why.

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Boon Award: Evelyn Taguiba

“Our mission is to prepare the students to survive in the ever changing outside world, so that when they graduate from high school and pursue their studies in the cities, they will be at par with others in training. This is where the need to be connected is very important, where the information they need are just waiting at their fingertips, even while they live a great distance from the cities.”

The above statement is attributed to Evelyn Taguiba, principal of Mountain High School in Bontoc. She was recently recognized by the Civil Service Commission as Cordillera’s Most Outstanding Principal in 2006.

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Boo Award: Baguio City Officials

Really, Baguio City officials, don’t you have more important things to do? What will Baguio City gain in joining this silly suit filed by the League of Cities in the Philippines (LCP) against newly formed cities such as Tabuk in Kalinga Province?

Will it stop the uglification of Baguio? Will it improve the city’s quality of air so it becomes breathable and regains its pine scent? Will it stop the landslides that kill your constituents during heavy rains? Will it decongest a city bursting at the seams?

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Finally, a Boo Award

Ever since we started the Boondock Awards [click here in case you forgot about it], we have been looking for the person who rightfully deserves to be our first Boo “You’ve Done/You’re Doing a Bad Thing” Awardee.

Picking our first Boon “You’re a Good Guy/Gal” Awardee was very easy but looking for a person to boo is more challenging. Maybe it means that people from the boondocks are more good than bad, ano?

Of course there are politicians who deserve to be booed but we don’t want to be always bashing politicians because they are people too and we might hurt their feelings. [Seriously. Wink wink.]

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