I’m Kinda Confused

Medyo hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ang relasyon ng noodle factory sa gulay. What ingredients do they exactly use to make noodles? Isn’t it mostly starchy products like cassava, rice, etc. Maybe they can use potatoes and carrots to make noodles? What about cabbages, green pepper, sayote, etc?

Anyways, just asking because I don’t really know. Maybe some of you know how noodles are manufactured from highland vegetables.

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Gloria Kamaptengan?

Because I am a Gloria hater, oops maybe hate is not the right word, I just dislike her because she cheated her way to the Presidency. So let’s change the H word to something else; besides hating someone is not good for our mental health. Now, because I dislike Gloria, I’m irritated to read this news that a sweet potato variety is being named after her cheating ass.

From GMA News:

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Ask Her

So Gloria is spending time in the Cordilleras again. Today she will be visiting the strawberry farms of La-Trinidad to look into “plight of upland farmers whose produce have been affected by blight due to temperature fluctuations”.

Hah. Truth be told, the weather can be blamed only to a limited extent when it comes to the plight of upland farmers. The greater disaster would be Gloria’s policy of uncritically embracing and advocating for globalization. She opened up the local vegetable market without putting in place any sufficient safety nets that could help our farmers compete against imported vegetables.

In addition, aside from the legal importation going on, there’s a much bigger volume of illegally imported vegetables that is making it impossible for farmers to earn a decent living. Cabbages being sold at P3/kilo? Or carrots at P3.50? This is a scandal. At the center of this scandal would be Gloria’s husband profiting from the illegal importation going on.

Cordillera leaders should be asking Gloria about these things.

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Quote of the Day

If you compare the vegetables from China and the ones we produce in the Philippines, the ones from China are bigger, greener and packaged well. [Many] Chinese farmers do not use fertilizers but they produce so much and we want to find out how they do it without using fertilizers.

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Coffee, Tea or Rice Coffee?

Because you loved our sayote posts, we decided to do more food blogging. This time, we will blog about rice coffee. How does one make rice coffee?

You mean you don’t know? And we thought we were THE clueless ones when it comes to cooking 🙂 Anyway, here’s how you make rice coffee: 1) get one cup of uncooked rice and 2) roast them until they get dark.

After roasting the rice grains, the next things to do are: 1) boil water, 2) add rice coffee to the boiling water, and 3) keep boiling until the water gets dark. [Okay there might be a more “modern” way of doing it but why change your grandma’s tried and tested method.]

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