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So Gloria is spending time in the Cordilleras again. Today she will be visiting the strawberry farms of La-Trinidad to look into “plight of upland farmers whose produce have been affected by blight due to temperature fluctuations”.

Hah. Truth be told, the weather can be blamed only to a limited extent when it comes to the plight of upland farmers. The greater disaster would be Gloria’s policy of uncritically embracing and advocating for globalization. She opened up the local vegetable market without putting in place any sufficient safety nets that could help our farmers compete against imported vegetables.

In addition, aside from the legal importation going on, there’s a much bigger volume of illegally imported vegetables that is making it impossible for farmers to earn a decent living. Cabbages being sold at P3/kilo? Or carrots at P3.50? This is a scandal. At the center of this scandal would be Gloria’s husband profiting from the illegal importation going on.

Cordillera leaders should be asking Gloria about these things.

Arroyo to visit vegetable farms Saturday
GMA News
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo resumes her “working Holy Week” Saturday with visits to vegetable and strawberry farmers in the Betag district in La Trinidad town in Benguet province.

A MalacaƱang statement on Friday afternoon said Mrs Arroyo will motor to Betag for a firsthand look into the plight of upland farmers whose produce have been affected by blight due to temperature fluctuations.

Local government officials, farmers and researchers from the Benguet State University (BSU) will present the result of their studies on the processing of vegetables into veggie noodles, veggie meat, veggie sausage and dehydrated veggie noodles.

They believe processing vegetables instead of selling them to middlemen at low prices in case of natural calamities or a supply glut will help farmers earn higher income from their produce.

During Saturday’s visit, Mrs Arroyo will also send off delivery trucks laden with processed vegetables from the country’s vegetable bowl to Metro Manila markets.

Before going to Betag, she will distribute government assistance in nearby Puguis village, including rice and checks for farm-to-market road projects.

She will also distribute certificates to operate several Botika ng Barangay, about 3,000 Philhealth cards, certificates to operate Tindahan Natin in La Trinidad, self-employment assistance, scholarships, vegetable seeds, financial support for the vegetable industry, and English reading materials for teachers.

Accompanying her are Rep. Samuel Dangwa of the lone district of Benguet, and Gov. Nestor Fongwa. – GMANews.TV

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