15 thoughts on “Benguet Country Singer”

  1. hi bitnac,
    Good suggestion. I don’t know the producers but I will try to contact them to ask if they have a translation. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. i like this video..i never thought a fellow igorot can do such wonderful video as this!!.. can you make some more??please?? ..i reallly love listening to our local artists singing their originally composed songs..

  3. this is a nice video..i like it very much.. but it would be more better if some clips from each municipality is featured since it is all about Benguet Province.when is the next video coming??

  4. hi anonymous and Ibadoi,
    Welcome to our blog and thanks for visiting. The video is really very nice. I also like it a lot.

    The credit should actually go to Rio Carino and company who are the producers of the video. They also have other videos which they uploaded in Youtube. I’ll try to upload them in this blog but you might also want to go to YouTube to watch some of their videos and leave some comments for them. I’m sure they will appreciate it.

    Thanks again 🙂

  5. hei ibaloi n trinidad,

    you can go to youtube.com to see more of these videos. search for ‘benguet’ or ‘ibaloi’…

    God bless you!

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    You are right. Youtube has tons of videos of Benguet country singers. Its good that some people are producing these things and sharing them in the internet. Bless them. Welcome to this blog pala and thanks for visiting.

  7. Hei there, I’m proud to say (but not so proud..aliven dastog iya a..lolz)that Felimon Carino is from my place. Go ‘kakaidiyans’. Support our own.

  8. Hi Jhie,
    Thanks for that link. That’s a neat thing the CordilleraOnliners did. Yeah, I think it would be great to add the lyrics to the videos. Gonna add that to my to do list. Thanks.

  9. There are also pure native original songs lyrics and melody by the Kinoboyan and Agi. Go to Utube

  10. We should also learn how compose our own melody and refrain from just changing the lyrics of popular songs which is piracy. Not mere adaptations.

  11. …its really sad to know that mankayan is one of the poor municipality of benguet we can’t deny it ..for its true ..

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