Are You a Worm: Ay Bigis Ka?

Here’s a video with a timely (and timeless) message. It is fun to watch and it helps that the singer is also having fun. The song is in Kankanaey but, to be honest, I don’t know what the following words mean: bigis (worm/pest?), kipkipita’m (close one’s eyes?), pina-ugam (impregnated?), manmisa (go to church?). The song is in Benguet Kankanaey so I’m not familiar with some of the words.

Anyway, I’m going to follow Wil’s example and ask for your help in translating the song. A translation attempt for non-Kankanaey speakers is found below:

Ay Bigis Ka?
When you neglect your blessings
And drown in vice
You’re pitiful… you’re a worm

If you break
Your deals with others
You’re a cheat… you’re a worm

The worm is a problem for all plants
So if you’re a worm, you’re a problem in this earth

If you neglect your family
And don’t teach your children
You are a big worm.

And if you are going to grab
Your neighbor’s property
You’re greedy/grabby… you’re a worm

The worm is a problem for all plants
So if you’re a worm, you’re a problem in this earth

If you cheat and have many women
Karma will get you… you’re a worm

If you covet money
And put it above everything
Go to church.. you worm
Change… you worm

If you change… you’re a fertilizer

We are going to follow the lead of the producers of this video and dedicate this song to the contractors of Halsema and the officials who let the buwakaws get away with not finishing their project obligations.

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17 thoughts on “Are You a Worm: Ay Bigis Ka?”

  1. i don’t know the how pina-ugam was used in context but literally it should be “made him/her cry..”,,hmm, maybe if you do impregnate someone, it may have made them cry….

  2. Wow heavy lyrics!!! How did you find the song?

    I can’t put down the wide grin on my face while watching this. Glued smile, imagine that 🙂

    Go ahead, pump it! Make it big before the ‘bigis’ will grow bigger.

    Speaking of ‘bigis’, they attacked my ‘talong'(the small and rounded variety) and I sprayed it with vinegar+detergent(for dish washing). WARNING: don’t do that at home! Poor ‘talong’, I can’t be a chemist! Sayang talaga!

  3. Hi Nashman,
    Salamat. That was a very bad guess on my part. What was I thinking? Pina-ugam would be pina-agam in MP-Kankanaey.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Direct to the point ang lyrics ano. I joined Youtube and subscribed to whatever our kailiyans are uploading there kaya its fairly easy to find Igorot videos. Join ka din dun 🙂

    Was it too toxic for the plant? I think your concoction would be less harmless (to humans) than those dangerous pesticides that are sold here. Thanks.

  4. Sheesh! the songwriter sure hates worms. hehehe. Some worms do become butterflies. 😉 Here’s wiki entry for worm: “Ecologically, worms form an important link in the food chains in virtually all the ecosystems of the world.” 🙂

    I like posting tagalog words I don’t know and having bloggers translate. It’s easier than having to look it up. hehe. Although, with Kankaney, there’s really no easily-available reference or dictionary to use other than asking other people.

  5. i really like the lyrics.. parang beatles ang dating! but the tempo/style is boring. parang igorot songs nung 90s. nice piece though.

    bigis is worm? haha now i know.

  6. Hi Wil,
    Didn’t realize that the lyrics are kind of harsh until Lovelyn pointed it out hehe. Maybe English is a harsher language than Kankanaey or maybe its the difference between listening to a song’s and reading it.

    Yup, worms like us human beings are both good and bad. Although, poor them, they tend to have a bad rather than a good image hehe. Thanks.

    Hi Edwin,
    I’m not 100% sure if worm is the correct translation. I heard it before and didn’t know what it meant pero they are showing some kind of worm in the video so I just assumed that that’s what it means.

    Hehe, parang 90s ba? Thanks.

  7. Incidentally, I told you so, that Chiz Escudero was not to be trusted. He turned out to be an evil bigis….

  8. Hi Nashman,
    Hehe, the good thing is that we can punish him whenever he runs in the future. But in fairness to him din, karamihan na yata ng opposition ay naging bigis. Its the same old story of Filipino politicians putting their personal interests above their political affiliations. Hay, buhay.

  9. kipkipitam i guess is when you cheat on people… tama naman ur translation…the first line maybe should go ‘when you neglect your health’ kc salun-at is health…

    nice video…yeah there are a lot of bigis out there..haaay…lalo na sa politics even the head is a very BIG one…life nga talaga…

  10. hey guys….
    watch out for the next worm…
    prepare for the invasion…
    coming soooon…
    BIGIS 4!!
    let’s continue to support the PIONEERS…

  11. one of them happen to be a friend of mine but i apologize coz i can’t post his picture unless he will allow me to…i can only assure you thet they were nice and friendly….

  12. watta a nice song, very interesting and meaningful,the singer fits it, i hope youre not the bigis he he he just kidding, keep up.

  13. im here in hongkong today, i like listening your song it reminds me of kabenguetan…… k keep up and have a blessed day.

  14. Hi Anonymous,
    Oo nga ano. I think that’s the right translation for “salun-at” in this context. Thanks too translating “kipkipitam” 🙂

    Hi Spinnet,
    I sure will be watching for their next projects. I’m a fan of these singers.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Hehe. Maybe Spinnet has pictures of them but, unfortunately, s/he can’t post it 🙂 Thanks.

    Hi Jo,
    Hehe. Hindi naman siguro sila bigis. Hope you’re doing okay there in HK. Thanks 🙂


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