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About the photo: Members of the Full Gospel Church of Calgary are devastated by her death. (Photo credit:

The Calgary Herald, 24 January: Police have officially identified the city’s latest homicide victim as a Filipina mother of five working in Calgary to support her family back home.

Arcelie Sombrito de Laoagan, 41, was last seen Thursday night, her final movements caught in surveillance camera footage. Investigators believe she got onto the LRT at the 8th Street S.W. station and disembarked at the Franklin station.

They are asking for anyone who may have seen her on the northeast leg of the McKnight-Westwinds C-Train between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. to contact them. Laoagan’s body was found early Friday morning on a well-travelled path near the Franklin station. Her purse is still missing.

The homicide prompted police to warn women to be more cautious, stay in busy, well-lit areas and to call 911 if they feel threatened.

A memorial for Laoagan is set for tonight at 7 p.m. at Calgary Full Gospel Church – 917 – 14th Ave. S.W.

From 770 CHQR, 24 January: It took police longer than usual to identify Laoagan, as the family had trouble making a positive identification because of the shape the body was in. DNA had to be used.

Police have already released one surveillance photo showing the victim after she got off the C-train and are now releasing additional photos.

A boot believed to belong to Laoagan has been found by investigators, but the dead woman’s purse remains missing. It’s described as medium brown, half-moon shaped with a shoulder strap and several shiny sequins attached.

Residents of the Radisson Heights, Albert Park, Forest Heights and Forest Lawn communities are asked to thoroughly inspect their yards and garbage bins for the missing purse. Police are looking for information from anyone who might have been on the northeast leg of the McKnight-Westwinds C-train between 10 and 11 o’clock last Thursday evening.

From the blogosphere, Marginal Notes touches on the de-skilling of migrant workers (Arcelie is an accountant but entered Canada as a nanny) and urges the Canadian government to consider their safety needs. Check out the post here, be sure you read the discussion in the comments section.


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