A Very Sad Story of the Day

This is a really sad story. Stolen from the Northern Philippine Times Blog:

BAGUIO CITY – The police and National Bureau of Investigation are now investigating Baguio General Hospital staff here after one of the latter allegedly forcibly pulled off the head of a baby from her body making it roll on the floor while the mother was delivering birth.

After three miscarriages, 22-year-old Amy Diaz and her 24-year-old husband, Bernabe, a gasoline attendant, were expecting their first-born to be christened Ayesa Bea Mae on Easter Sunday.

Their expectations didn’t materialize as on Black Saturday they had to bury her after the incident in the delivery room of the BGH and Medical Center Wednesday night.

“I saw my baby’s head roll on the floor,” Amy said, adding her husband rushed her to the hospital before midnight after she began to suffer labor pains.

“A certain Edward “forcibly pulled the head of my baby,” she claimed.
She said she saw the head drop to the floor and roll.

Amy said doctors had to operate on her to remove her baby’s headless body. She added it would have been easier to accept if her first-born was dead inside her womb prior to the delivery.

“We were told our child suffered from an abnormality,” she said.
Amy disputed this, saying an ultrasound and an ECG prior to the delivery showed her baby was healthy.

Following this, the couple reported the incident to the police and NBI. “We will have to wait for the results of the investigation,” Bernabe said.

Newsmen tired to get a comment from the hospital’s chief obstetrician-gynecologist, Teresita Agbanlog, but she didn’t want to release a statement on the incident pending results of the NBI probe.

Bernabe said he was told it may take a month to finish the investigation.
Mary Jo Dulawan, Ifugao provincial health officer, meanwhile denied that her son, Edward, a medical intern in the hospital, could have been the one tagged by Amy.

“He could not have been involved,” she said, adding Amy could have mistaken her
son doing the procedure.

She added her son, as an intern in the pediatrics department, is physically present in the delivery room but only takes over the newborn after obstetrician-gynecologists have done their job.

Other BGH personnel didn’t want talk on the matter to the media.

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  1. My deepest sympathy for the couple. Words aren’t enough to comfort them at this time. I just hope and pray that justice will be served and that doctors/interns who are responsible for this will not go back into the delivery room ever!

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