Your Congressmen: Who’s the Richest of Them All?

In case you are wondering how much your incumbent Congressman is worth, you are lucky because we have the figures for you. However, please note that these figures may have changed because they are based on the Congressmen’s 2004 Statements of Assets and Liabilities (SAL) filed during the beginning of their current congressional term. Still, we have to make do with these figures in the absence of more recent SALs from our Representatives.

So who’s the richest Congressman from the Cordilleras? Apayao Rep. Elias Bulut Jr. with a net worth of P21.7 million. And the poorest? Assassinated Abra Congressman Luis Bersamin with a net worth of “only” P2.45 million.

What about the others?

Well here’s the complete list. [These figures are taken from the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism’s]

The net worth of your Representative.
1. Rep. Elias Bulut (Apayao) = P21,700,000
2. Rep. Victor Dominguez (Mt. Province) = P18,240,000
3. Rep. Lawrence Wacnang (Kalinga) = P9,785,700
4. Rep. Mauricio Domogan (Baguio City) = P6,473,399.40
5. Rep. Samuel Dangwa (Benguet) = P5,900,000
6. Rep. Solomon Chungalao (Ifugao) = P5,670,000
7. Rep. Luis Bersamin (Abra) = P2,450,000

Total Assets (in pesos): 27,700,000
Total Liabilities (in pesos): 6,000,000
Net Worth (in pesos): 21,700,000

REAL PROPERTIES; Fair market value
Residential property in Fairview, Quezon City: P3,500,000
Agricultural land in Cagayan: P800,000
Residential property Fairview, Quezon City: P1,600,000
Agricultural land in Calanasan, Apayao: P900,000
Residential property in Calanasan, Apayao: P800,000

PERSONAL ASSETS; Acquisition Cost
Motor vehicles (unspecified cars): P5,300,000
Five bulldozers: P8,000,000
Ten trucks: P5,000,000
Four cargo trucks: P1,800,000

Credit line (Land Bank): P5,000,000
Car loan (I-Bank): P1,000,000

Total Assets (in pesos): 19,600,000
Total Liabilities (in pesos): 1,360,000
Net Worth (in pesos): 18,240,000

REAL PROPERTIES; Fair market value
House and lot in Sabangan, Mt. Province: P1,200,000
House and lot in Baguio City: P2,500,000
House and lot in Quezon City: P5,000,000
Residential lot in Quezon City: P1,200,000
Residential lot Baguio City: P5,000,000
Agricultural land in Sablan, Benguet: P1,000,000
Agricultural land in Bauko, Mt. Province: P1,400,000

PERSONAL ASSETS: Acquisition Cost
Motor vehicle (Ford Expedition): P1,850,000
Motor vehicle (Nissan Safari): P450,000

Real estate loan: 800,000
Car loan: 560,000.00

Total Assets (in pesos): 16,585,700
Total Liabilities (in pesos): 6,800,000
Net Worth (in pesos): 9,785,700

REAL PROPERTIES; Fair market value (or acquisition cost)
House and lot in Bulanao, Tabuk: P3,200,000
Commercial lot and building in Bulanao, Tabuk: P3,700,000 (acquisition cost)
Agricultural land in Tabuk, Kalinga: P1,000,000
House and lot in Parañaque, Metro Manila: P2,500,000
Agricultural land in Tulgao, Kalinga: P250,000
House and lot in Quezon City: P4,400,000 (acquisition cost)
Agricultural land in Callagdao, Tabuk: P700,000

PERSONAL ASSETS; Acquisition Cost
Appliances: 500,000
Livestock: 480,000
Motor vehicle (4×4 UV Ford): P1,600,000
Motor vehicle (Nissan van): P400,000
Cash: P2,000,000

Loans: P5,000,000
Spouse’s loans: P1,800,000

Total Assets (in pesos): 6,473,399.40
Total Liabilities (in pesos): 0.00
Net Worth (in pesos): 6,473,399.40

REAL PROPERTIES; Fair market value
Residential lot in Brookside, Baguio City: P625,320
House (improvement): P152,810
Residential lot in Tuba, Benguet: P20,000
Residential lot (improvement): P150,000
Residential lot in Wangal, La Trinidad, Benguet: P5,554
Residential lot in La Trinidad, Benguet: P50,300
House and lot in Bab-asig, Quirino, Ilocos: P150,000
Residential lot in Pico, La Trinidad: P70,400
Residential lot in Pico, La Trinidad, Benguet: P76,600
Residential lot in Pico, La Trinidad, Benguet: P72,400
Residential lot in Pico, La Trinidad, Benguet: P65,400
Residential lot in Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet: P2,460
Agricultural land in Namitpit, Quirino, Ilocos Sur: P150,000
Agricultural land in Legleg, Quirino, Ilocos Sur: P10,000
Agricultural land in Lamtang, La Trinidad, Benguet: P25,000
Agriculutural land in Patiacan, Quirino, Ilocos Sur: P310,000
Agricultural land in Sta. Barbara and Urdaneta, Pangasinan: P275,000

PERSONAL ASSETS; Acquisition Cost
Library: P10,000
Office equipment: P16,692
Service cars (unspecified): P369,000
Furniture and fixtures: P166,463.40
Cash: P700,000
Cash in bank: P2,000,000
Motor vehicle (Land Cruiser): P1,000,000

None declared.

Total Assets (in pesos): 11,900,000
(PCIJ computation: 11,700,000)
Total Liabilities (in pesos): 6,000,000
Net Worth (in pesos): 5,900,000
(PCIJ computation: 5,700,000)

REAL PROPERTIES; Fair market value
House and lot in Quezon City: P5,000,000
House and lot in La Trinidad, Benguet: P3,000,000
Agricultural land in Kapangan, Benguet: P800,000

PERSONAL ASSETS; Acquisition Cost
Shares of stock: P2,000,000
Motor vehicle (unspecified car): P400,000
Motor vehicle (unspecified car): P500,000

Loans: P6,000,000

Total Assets (in pesos): 9,670,000
Total Liabilities (in pesos): 4,000,000
Net Worth (in pesos): 5,670,000

REAL PROPERTIES; Fair market value
House and lot: P3,000,000

PERSONAL ASSETS; Acquisition Cost
Motor vehicle (Pick-Up): P270,000
Motor vehicle (Pick-Up): P600,000
Motor vehicle (Van): P700,000
Cash in bank: P5,000,000
Personal computers: P100,000

Loans: P4,000,000

I see no need to publish the statement of assets and liabilities for the late Congressman Bersamin but those of you still interested in the information can see it here.


17 thoughts on “Your Congressmen: Who’s the Richest of Them All?”

  1. Personally, these sal’s of most politicians are all tainted, w/da exception of maybe Lakay Juan Flavier. Domogan of all people, is just another stat of how one good person turned bad or evil.. I truly mean that!! As editorialized by Cecille Afable before, most folks of CAR and Baguio knew he’s got millions stashed somewhere. Now, wish ko lang, is for Mauricio to reimburse me for my small fortune lost in the stock market recently. Then I wouldn’t be a misanthropic hermit.
    Ha ha!! In retrospect, I’d rather have that lost fortune bet on Molintas to trample my kailian,
    my chances are far better.. haaay these politicians talaga, they all seem to know where to hide their milliones!!!!goodhealth always…..


  2. Hi TruBlue,
    I agree that the SALs do not really reflect the assets of our government officials so they should be taken with a grain of salt. Marami talagang disappointed kay Domogan ano?

  3. Too many were disappointed. Don’t even care to be near him. His first illegitimate son is my nephew which is very sad. Da constant whispers, talks, gossips is nonstop.
    What’s so funny are their denials of their to rant on these stuff!! Chavit- read his sal somewhere to be only a meager 2.4 million, yet on the same page of the article I was reading, it was mentioned he owns a 60 MILLION YACTH IN ILOCOS!!! That’s how perverted these things are. FG denies buying a 125 million dollars bldg in San Francisco. That’s $$$, not pesos. In fairness to all mankind, we are fortunate that the “Grim Ripper” is not doozing off, and their time will come as we all do. Now, that’s a guarantee…well, got that out of my chest, he he……
    I’ll stay out of corruption from now on. Honest…. goodhealth.


  4. Hi Bill,

    True, indeed. In our beloved country, politics is one of the routes to becoming rich (filthy rich, though).

    That’s why, despite proddings, I’ve never considered throwing my hat into the political arena. Would you?

    Mandy M. Dornagon, Esq.
    Attorney at Law

  5. Hi Mandy,
    You’re right. I don’t like to become filthy rich so, like you, I’m not gonna throw my hat in the political ring hehehe.

  6. Congressman Wacnang is just a typical example of “from rugs to riches man.” I don’t give a damn query on how you acquired such assets and liabilities, but please use your brain to help out unfortunate barangays in kalinga. THe last time I visited my birthplace, i didn’t see any changes. It still remains poor, not even reached by car. How come..yet you had that 9-year term..Tsk Tsk! Sayang lang ang oras!

  7. Hi Anon,
    I think I will echo your comments for our Congressman hehe. And his term was much much longer pa. Hay mga politicians, they start out wanting to help people in the beginning but end up not really doing it.

  8. Hello, It is good to see that we do have this kind of information. I’m amazed by the fact that Domogan owns a lot of “residential lots” which would be worth only around 2000+ pesos to 275,000? Darn, these lots must be pot hole sizes. Really? His house and lot in brookside is worth only P625,320??? I’ve seen this house, maybe the garage is worth P625,320? At least Dangwa made his a little more realistic worth 3 to 5 million. Btw, they both drive the same white pajero model. Interesting.

  9. Hi Whatcha,
    Hehehe, hindi nga realistic yung mga amounts. I think he based the amount on the years he acquired them; eh siyempre nag-appreciate na ang values ng mga ito. Thanks for visiting pala and for your comment. We hope to publish more of these things in the future when we come across similar data. Thanks again.

  10. Hi everyone who made comments about our rich politicians like Wacnang, Domogan etcetera. The truth of the matter is they got rich because we are so stupid to keep on maintaining a system that make them steal people’s money and get rich. Apart from our stupidity comes our deafening apathy. Question is , are we helpless? Of course bloody no!! we the people got power when we as a nation wants changes done. People’s power was demonstrated when we got rid of corrupt regimes. I strongly believe that people can change the current system wherein politicians like governors, congressmen, mayors, barrio captains put their hands on every millions of pesos allocated for developmental projects (such as irrigation,roads, bridges etcetera)for the different provinces. Why can’t we employ on a salary basis our many unemployed engineers to oversee these projects and independent auditors to monitor the money being spent. Also why don’t we require government money for projects received from the National government to be posted on every municipal or provincial billboard so the public will be informed. Of course later on an itemized expenditure. We have copied our system of government from the west particularly US, why can’t we copy the way governments spend people’s money. Why can’t we copy a system where the mayors, congressmen, governors don’t have a “kartas” on every government fund that goes to the provinces and municipalities. I believe that if the highly educated Filipinos with the help of the common tao, and the catholic church unite and make changes to this system, then things would change. Take a look at the US,Great Britain, and Australia, do politicians touch any government money intended for projects? the answer is no. I am sure we Filipinos have the capacity to enact laws to sort this problem. I hope it can include a mechanism wherein the politician would have to explain why 9 years ago when he was elected as a congressman, he only have an asset of so nad so and how come now he has 25 million? People’spower

  11. I take my hat off to you Atty. for the moral compass that you obviously value, that is the more reason you ought to run, for so many people that are in office now are just simply amoral.

    I believe in karma and these politicians who think they’re getting away with something now will surely be facing a much greater punishment in the eyes of the Lord.
    Pity the Filipinos who have to deal with these SOBs.

  12. Baguio’s middle class together with its professionals know much about Domogan’s dirty hands. Maybe it is fair to say that the sheer number of grassroots people who believe in hearsay catapulted him in congress. Or maybe it was the middle-class men and professionals who should carry the blame for doing so little in undermining Domogan in each of his congressional campaigns. Saying all these, i am consoled by the belief that Domogan’s continually reserved financial revelations will take him down as one of Baguio’s most corrupt leader. After all, Baguio’s professionals, though fewer than hearsay subscribers, are the ones that write what later becomes history.

  13. 1 stark “untruth” in Tongressman Domogan’s SAL is the absence on the list of his condominium unit across Trinity College/St. Luke’s Medical Center.Her daughter who studies just across the street uses that. It is was worth 2.5-3Million Pesos when purchased.Still trust that SAL….it?

    Tama ka dyan People Power about “we are so stupid on maintaining a system” because recalling those campaign times eh kasama ang mga Anglican diyan who allowed Domogan to use their old cathedral as campaign headquarters and operations center. Simbahan yan na kung saan ang mga pari and nagsasabi ng “separation of church and state” kuno. Minsan eh taong simbahan ang kasama sa karaming dahilan kung bakit may mga corrupt sa ating gobyerno, di ba? Anong says mo Bishop?

  14. how sad.. eventhough all these are here, Domogan still won the mayoralty seat in Baguio- it was a landslide win, even. Apparently, Baguio natives just vote for him blindly since he is one of them. During the election period, i was really sure he’d lost because of all the controversies surrounding him. I was mistaken.

    There was this really promising candidate running for the same position as him, but he got low votes just because he is part Chinese.

    I hope this kind of mentality changes soon for the sake of the people’s future.

    I also agree that one should support a “katribo” but not to the extent that it puts other people’s lives, especially the children’s, in jeopardy.

  15. wow…what a negative comments to our politicians…I think it is unfair on their part.Maybe they did something wrong but still they have something on their heart…even you…you have a heart and make a better change….not only them…

  16. wow domogs galing tlga ng dirty hands mo.. madami ka na pera, let other give chance to serve Baguio better.. Your just selling assets of Baguio.

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