There’s Something About Marky

Of course this blog is not all about bootlickers, chicken wings, and community activism. We are also about artistas. So let’s do a post on our favorite artista, Marky Cielo. Here are six things you might not know about him.

1. Did you know that he was (is?) the Department of Health’s Youth Ambassador Against Tobacco? That’s him and DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III shaking hands. Photo courtesy of the DOH website.

2. Did you know that he just recently co-starred in a GMA television series called Zaido. That’s him with his fellow lead actors.

3. Did you know that he has an “Igorotak” shirt?

4. I guess we all know that his middle name is Cadaweng?

5. Did you know that his IMDB page states that he starred/co-starred (will star/co-star) in 16 movie and television productions since he joined the entertainment industry? He will be starring in a new TV show, Kaputol ng Isang Awit, according to this GMA site.

6. Did you know that if you google “Marky Cielo”, Google comes up with 75,100 results? One of our posts about him turns up in page three of Google. Not bad, eh?

Okidok? Hehe. You can see more pictures of Marky Cielo here and here.

3 thoughts on “There’s Something About Marky”

  1. Hi djin,
    You’re welcome 🙂 Dali lang iyon. Mag image search ka lang sa google hehe. Thanks

  2. hi po mr bb,my posibilities din mga kalingas kulang lang cla ng exposure,mas gwapo nga mga lowlanders,hehe

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