The Scientologists Are Coming: Run, iBaguios, Run Away!

Or better yet drive those Scientologists out of your city. It pains me to say this because I believe in ecumenism (respect other religions, pare) but the Church of Scientology, which is apparently now in Baguio doing good deeds, is not a religion but a cult.

So one wonders why Baguio officials are, like, consorting with them and why the Philippine Information Agency is uncritically promoting their activities.

Hello people, just because these Scientologists pretend to speak your language (i.e., let’s solve poverty, prevent drugs, do relief work, etc.) doesn’t mean that they are what they pretend they are. Really, you have to be totally uninformed (or very gullible) these days to be taken in by this cult.

So Baguio folks beware, this is Scientologist’s modus operandi: They will catch you when you are particularly vulnerable, they will offer you help with their psychological “security auditing” mumbo-jumbo, and they will bait you to reveal everything to them (yes everything from your sexual dreams to your financial assets). Now, when you want to leave the, ehem, “church” they will use your revelations (which they recorded) to blackmail you so you can’t leave.

You can watch a Scientology audit here. It is beyond weird.

Lastly, in case you missed it, we did a post on L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology who claimed that he was able to learn the Igoroti language in one single night. You can read in in our first home, from the boondocks.

4 thoughts on “The Scientologists Are Coming: Run, iBaguios, Run Away!”

  1. Scientologists? That of Tom Cruise, right? … Just like you, I also respect any religion but having read the write ups about this group gives me unpleasant feelings. It appears to be more of a cult than a religion. They do claim to campaign the good side yet … I hope officials will not be brain washed…

  2. Yup Tom Cruise is the most visible Scientologist. And there are reports that he is a top official of the cult. It’s worrying to see how they would be accepted in Baguio and the rest of Cordi. It seems like officials are legitimizing these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Thanks.

  3. just read that the voice of bart simpson, nancy cartwright, has donated $5 million or something like that to scientology. ay caramba. hehe

    i don’t really have an opinion on this issue, but scientologists will probably say that christianity was once considered a cult also.

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