Taiwanese Aboriginal Music: Wild Fire by Samingad

Let’s expand the kind of songs we usually upload here and listen to this song by Samingad, a Taiwanese aboriginal singer of the Puyuma tribe. According to youtube commenters, the English title of this song is “Wild Fire”.

Samingad is reportedly more famous in Japan than in her native Taiwan. You can read more about her here.

Does anyone of you know any Samingad in the Cordillera? It sounds like an Igorot/iCordillera name doesn’t it? Maybe they’re related to this singer, baka 56th degree cousin sila?

It would have been nice if the video shows us some Taiwan aborigines but the road footage is good too and fits the music quite nicely. The road kinda looks like Halsema if Halsema is paved.

6 thoughts on “Taiwanese Aboriginal Music: Wild Fire by Samingad”

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  2. Really beautiful son, voice and language ! the language just remember the malay , polynesian , malagasy ! Austronesian pride ! love you taiwanese aborigenes

  3. Greetings:
    I was in Taiwan during 2002 making a film with the help of Dave Nichols, Lynn Miles and a sort-of- expert Hollywood type who is still sitting on the film stock. But I am returning to meet again with all the amazing Indigenous folks and locals who were so friendly and wonderful (hello Event Band!) I will be at the Peace Fest to perform and meet other musicians and filmmakers.
    Are you aware of the Peace Festival on the weekend of Sept. 18 and 19? I am an American (Schneiderama) coming to perform (guitar, vocals, network w/ other musicians)
    For more info you can check with Facebook and Peacefest Organizers:
    Hope to see you there
    John Schneider
    California, usa

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