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So JMom, a fellow Igorot blogger based in North Carolina, tagged me to tell you eight random facts about myself. I’m not sure if you would be interested in these facts but a tag is almost like the voice of God which should not be ignored. (Of course, if the voice is actually the voice of Anglican Archbishop Akinola who is 100% certainly, definitely, absolutely sure that he is the voice of God then it is best to run away as fast as possible.) Thanks JMom, I liked doing this because it is a good break from all the newsy or serious stuff that we often publish here.

Anyway, here are the rules (copied from JMom) for those tagged to do this meme:

  • We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
  • Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Donโ€™t forget to leave them a comment on their blog telling them theyโ€™re tagged, and you read their blog.

Now here are the random facts about me:

1. I am a copycat. According to a friend from the left, Bill Bilig was originally used by Ignacio Capegsan as his nom-de-guerre when he represented the Cordillera Peoples Democratic Front in the 1987 peace talks. The original Bill Bilig ranked as high as number three in the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) hierarchy. Unfortunately, he passed away last year of a heart attack. We should do a post about the original Bill Bilig these coming days to recognize his achievements.

2. I don’t like noisy neighbors. I am okay with neighbors who have noisy kids because kids have a right to be noisy but I can’t tolerate adults who have really loud radio/stereo/television sets.

3. I actually don’t understand the meaning of the word “meme”. (But I am pretending that I do. He he.) I’m thinking that said word can only come up in the Age of Paris Hilton (the model of the me me me generation) but maybe I’m wrong.

4. Like most Filipinos, I would say that I am a polyglot. My first language is Kankanaey, then I learned English and Tagalog in school. Afterwards, I learned to speak Ilokano in Tabuk. My apologies if I sometimes mixed all these languages in one sentence. I guess that was me showing off my language skills.

5. Like most Igorots, I’m sometimes mistaken for Chinese/Korean/Japanese because of my eyes. Basta sabi ng iba, chinito daw ako.

6. My dream is to climb Mt. Pulag someday.

7. My favorite authors are John Steinbeck and F. Sionil Jose.

8. I’m currently listening to the songs of Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot. My favorite Lightfoot songs are Don Quixote and Canadian Railway Trilogy. [Note: I’ve changed the arrangement of this list to hopefully make it more interesting.]

Now, it’s my turn to tag you: Jean of Ivadoy Country; Edwin of Kamote Kyu; Layad; Cliff in the City; Bangued Online; Bugan of Mountain Breeze; and finally, Trublue (who can do the meme in the comments and we will upload it in the main page, I hope it’s okay with you).

Remember my tagged friends that a tag is almost like the voice of God. If you don’t do this meme, the universe will explode.

Then you will feel guilty because you didn’t do your part in saving the universe. Then because you didn’t complete your obligation you will go to purgatory. Then your relatives will have to offer indulgences to get you out of purgatory (according to Jose Rizal). Then while you are sitting in purgatory you will realize that this paragraph makes no sense.

Then you are sent back to earth to spank Bill Bilig (the copycat) because if the universe exploded then everyone should have exploded with it and no one should be worrying about indulgences. Then you spanked Bill Bilig for his nonsense and also for making fun of a man of God, i.e. Archbishop Akinola. And then he suddenly spoke in tongues.

The End. Fin. Tapos. Gibusna. Nalpas. Kedeng.

UPDATE: The proof that Bill’s eyes are chinky [no intent to cause offense by the use of this word].

The top image was taken years and years ago. The lower one is from a more recent photo. Although I feel like a tease, I’m not going to post a whole face pic kasi baka huntingin ako hehe.

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13 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me”

  1. I think you got a little carried away towards the end there. hehehe.

    You look chinito? Let’s have a look at a picture. hehe

    A post about the original Bill Bilig would be interesting.

  2. Same here, pretending to know “meme”!:-) Just realized it now, is it ‘Ako-ako’ or ‘siak-siak’?

    Was suppose to tag you with 7 instead of 8 RFAM but thought of, “serious ba naman dun”! Nice you did this…I call it loosening up! Makes us “humane humans”(accommodating, altruistic, amiable, approachable, benevolent, benign, benignant, broad-minded, charitable, clement, considerate, cordial, democratic, forbearing, forgiving, friendly, generous,). Ooopps sorry for that, syntax error.

    Agree with Will..Pictures! Pictures!

  3. I am Catholic so I guess I could go to purgatory hehehe… Hala ak!

    Looks fun, I could do it! =)

    Oo nga, Sir B, saan ang proof ng ka’chinito’han mo?

  4. oh why? bakit? apay nga naimentionak? let’s see kung pwedeng isingit yan sa multiply page… =)

  5. Hi Wil,
    Oo nga hehe.

    Hmm, maybe I will put up a picture of my eyes. Because if its the whole face then it would solve the mystery of who is the copycat Bill Bilig. I was told that some powers that be are asking the question hehe.

    Yeah, I hope to do a post on the original.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    For some reason, Siak-siak sounds better than ako-ako.

    Yes, it’s good to mix it up a bit and not be serious all the time. I will be tagging you next time because there’s a meme I still have to write.

    Galing mo a, para kang thesaurus hehe. Thanks.

    Hi Nats,
    Thanks. Will follow your advise. Okay for those of you who were tagged, you should also include your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Layad,
    Ay kunak no the current Pope issued a statement that there is no purgatory. I think I read it somewhere recently but I’m not sure.

    Hehe, yeah I think I will show proof in an update. Thanks.

    Hi Banguedenio,
    I was wondering nga kung puwede mong isingit doon kasi serious din ang blog mo. Siguro you can do a post on 8 random things about Bangued or Abra na lang. Thanks.

  6. hmmmm…let’s see if i can do this…was tagged way way back by ate G but didn’t do it…we’ll see if time permits…hehe…not time these days to do internet surfing e…GBU


  7. i got tagged too with that 8 things…don’t usually do meme but i replied on my other blog

  8. Hi Tutubi,
    Thanks. A meme can sometimes look out of place for non-personal blogs ano? I’m glad I did this though coz its sometimes good to be less serious ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Eight random facts about TruBlue??
    Nagadu metten…maysa koma laeng and I would just say I’m just a good easy going down to earth individual. Purgatory isn’t amusing of a place, so, hmmmm, let me try to come up with something this week. Cheers….

  10. As promised, here’s TruBlue’s Eight Random Facts about his ego.
    The rules are at the start of Bill’s Post and are you kidding?, who should I tag next, Anonymous 1:01, 1:02,hehe, so lucky you, I’m not tagging anyone:

    1. Other than gobbling on dark chocolates and icecream (except vanilla), my real passion is flying helicopters, Remote Control
    that is, this includes trucks and cars. Already crashed two helos. For environment’s sake, I fly electric types, not nitro/gas.

    2. My ultimate dream is to run any marathon (26.2 miles), didn’t get past the 8 mile mark. I’m a failure,hehe, what else is new!?

    3. Never been to SM Mall Baguio or any SM for that matter and will never go to one.

    4. I don’t believe in aliens (the ones some people refer to as extra-terrestrials keeping an eye on us). There’s no such thing. If you subscribe to this belief, go for it, fancy is free!

    5. The downside to my igorotness is my inability to eat “kilawen” whether it’s dog, goat, tripes or anything raw. My wife eats these “awful stuff” and prepares them for our Baguio and Cordillera friends and other visitors. I’m in awe watching them gobble and having fun at these specialties, daw! However, I have to admit I eat raw Octopus!!!

    6. Id’ rather go to a funeral than a wedding. There’s no loud boisterous idiots during wakes. Seems like everyone is sedated, all whispering to one another. Don’t get the notion though that I’m always spying for dead friends or relatives, hehe…

    7. Music by Enya, Sarah Brightman, Maire Brennan, Mary Duff, and the Fureys are my favs. I know, they’re mostly folksy sappy Irish songs. Good for my persona and well being though.

    8. My first job, the last four years as Director of Human Resources (formerly called Personnel/Admin) was highlight of my career. My boss, whose name is Bob, (I’ll call him Dick) used to be under me but being such a brown-nose, Hallelujah! he went above me. Of 79 personnel who worked for me, only 3 disliked me, Dick and his two co-horts! Red to him is white, blue is gray, we never got along after his ascension to power. Since I was eligible to retire, I bailed out after two months but gave him the bird as my one last act of defiance. Wish Dick was aboard the two Helos I crashed, hehe…..that’s all folks!

    Since some are eager to see how TruBlue looks like, I’ve authorized Bill to tease you also and just show you half of my image with TruPink, if Bill still has my group pic taken this past January.
    If not, too bad. Cheers to all and goodhealth as well…..

  11. Ayna! Hahahaha…thanks for that comedic break. I needed a good belly laugh. Since I ignore all meme’s I guess I’m going straight to hell…but what if I’m Buddhist?

  12. Hi Omom,
    Thanks. Meron ba akong future as a comedy writer? hehe.

    If you are a Buddhist, you have to be perfected according to the Gospel of Ann Coulter. (I didn’t say this a, but she did).

    So if you’ve already been perfected and ignore all the memes that come your way, yes, you will go straight to hell where you will spend eternity writing memes in the form of poetry. Poetic justice yata ang tawag doon ๐Ÿ™‚


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