Swiss Mountains Are Very High

Here’s something you can add to your “must-listens”. It is a song, with a very Cordillera melody, about them high Swiss mountains. The singer is pretty good as he does a heartfelt rendition of the song (lyrics and melody by H. Foken).

By the way, you can watch a BIBAK-Switzerland dance performance here.

Video credit: Igorotland

2 thoughts on “Swiss Mountains Are Very High”

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  2. I heard a somewhat ilocano version of this song about 30 years ago. If I am not mistaken it was Francis Ayan of Bontoc from whom I heard such: “Marba koma daytoy bantay, ta gaborana toy baybay, barbareng makitak pay ni darling ko naka ay ay ay…kaasi met ni darling ko intaray ti soldado, apan na …… idiay poon to kaykayo…hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay……hay hay”.. good attempt at “englishizing” the song kabsat.cary on

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