Rigodon in Mt. Province

Here’s an interesting idea. I don’t know what benefits can be derived from rotating the different Mt. Province mayors — they will serve as “guest mayors” for two days in the province’s ten towns — but if I am a mayor with aspirations for a higher office, I sure will take this opportunity to build political bridges.

If this will help create a new pool of provincial leaders attuned to the needs of the different parts of the province and who can challenge the old order, then I am all for it.

Mt Province mayors to rotate positions
by Lito Dar/PIA

Baguio City (22 August) — Starting September, all the ten towns of the Mountain Province will be having a “guest mayor’ for two days.

This is an innovation on local governance with all the ten municipal mayors agreeing to rotate positions in order to observe the good practices and programs of each local government units (LGUs) in the province. The planned rotation is set to commence on the first week of September.

Natonin Mayor, Atty Anna Marie Paz Rafael Banaag explained that the mayors will rotate simultaneously, just like in a “rigodon” and each mayor will stay for two days on a municipality where he will be assigned. Banaag said the guest mayor will act as the local chief executive on his host municipality however, he cannot sign any documents in behalf of the host mayor. The guest mayor will also be observing the staff and employees of the host LGU.

Banaag further explained that they will do this rotation once every month, beginning in September staying in a host municipality for two days, until all the mayors have visited all the member municipalities. There will be a “learning-sharing” activity in connection to this, the lady mayor said.

Meanwhile, Banaag also announced that there will be a CINDEWOLL Medical/Dental mission in Natonin on September 8. CINDEWOLL stands for Cordillera Indigenous Elected Women Leaders League headed by USEC Josie Dominguez.

Banaag added that the “Bontoc Brigada” will also visit their municipality on this day, together with the Red Cross which will have a school feeding program.

4 thoughts on “Rigodon in Mt. Province”

  1. What a brilliant idea if only to establish continuing dialogue, i.e., open lines of communication!

  2. Hi Hillblogger,
    Hopefully, this does establish communication lines between the towns which are pretty much separated from each other. Western Mt. Province for instance is a world’s away from the eastern part.


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