Picture of the Day: Baguio Dog Market, circa 1920

Back then, it was legal to sell dog meat. Now, you will be penalized if you are caught doing so. Why we criminalize the eating of meat is beyond me.

As we said somewhere in this blog, we look forward to the day when Indians (Hindus) become the dominant force in the world and make all nations pass laws that would make it illegal to eat beef. Let’s see what those self-righteous moralists who criticize dog eaters will say.

PHOTO CREDIT: E. Murray Bruner.

7 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Baguio Dog Market, circa 1920”

  1. Hi Spirikit,
    Haha. That’s true. I’m not a fan of five-sixers though but it’s a free country and those who get loans from five-sixers are doing it on their own free will. Thanks 🙂

  2. Baguio Folks now has a solid competition, most Koreans are known to be dog meat-eaters in their native country.
    Dog meats, Jueteng, Bingo, and other forms of gamblings, as well as drinking will not go away. These are part of our culture. Authorities pretend to contain it but who’s kidding who…idi naiyanakak many many many years ago, adda amin dagitan. cheers.

  3. That photo is priceless! Pwedeng hiramin?

    I’d like to add it to my vintage Baguio photos collection.

    I don’t know why they bother regulating it either. I hear people still do it anyway.

  4. Hi Trublue,
    Oo nga, like us Koreans are getting a bad rap for dog eating. Thanks.

    Hi Jmom,
    Yup you can hiram it; actually hiniram ko din yung picture. If you click at the photo credit link you will see many Baguio/Cordi vintage photos. Thanks.

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    Sure. Go ahead. It’s not actually mine but Bruner’s, the one credited in the post.

    Thanks 🙂

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