Philippine Idol: Ramirr Grepo’s Bed of Roses

Here’s a video of Ramirr Grepo, a contestant from Baguio who made the top 12 [male group] in last year’s Philippine Idol competition. He was well praised in this performance but he didn’t have enough votes to send him to the next round.

It is likely that everyone assumed he will move further in the competition and so voted for other contestants who were perceived to be in danger of being cut. If we’re not mistaken, Ramirr is an Igorot-Caviteño mestizo.

VIDEO CREDIT: ABC-5/Philippine Idol

7 thoughts on “Philippine Idol: Ramirr Grepo’s Bed of Roses”

  1. Sus, karuprupaana ni Robin Padilla! Hehehe… Too bad he didn’t muster enough text votes. His voice was perfect here. Pati si Bon Jovi e hindi bumabanat ng ganito pag live =)

  2. Apay gamin nga di na nga inpukkaw nga Igorot isuna? We Igorots appreciate talent. And when we know that the one who bears the gift is an Igorot, our appreciation gets translated into votes.

    In fairness, magaling talaga ang bata.

  3. Another Paolo Avelino if you ask me and feel no remorse he lost. I’m just hard on people who try to distance/hide themselves from their true roots, if he is in fact one of us.
    Saying you’re from Baguio can be perceived in so many ways and in my view he was ducking something all the while not forthcoming. The classic song “where have all the flowers gone” end like this: Oh when will they ever learn…..!!
    Cheers and goodhealth.

  4. Wow! I agree with with ate layad…He has the looks and the appeal of Robin Padilla. too bad hindi nga niya sinabi kung igorot siya…haaay….


  5. sayang kapatid! ba’t ngayon mo lang sinabi? hehe

    De-kalidad nga ang boses ng mokong!

    bumuboto ako dati pero sa AI. Ayan kase, di nanonood ng sariling atin!

    Sige, next time, let’s look out for our own talents, at ipangalandakan muna nilang ‘gorot sila bago iboto. 🙂

  6. Hi Layad,
    Didn’t notice the similarity until you mentioned it. Talo ba niya yung original? Thanks 🙂

    Hi Cheryl,
    I think he might have but I’m not sure. I didn’t watch this show kasi. But I came across references to his being an Igorot in some fan forums. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Hehe, asar ka pa kay Paulo ha 🙂 But I agree with you of course. As I said to Cheryl above, he might have been forthcoming. Will have to look for other videos.

    ABC 5, the channel where Philippine Idol, was aired isn’t very popular here so hindi ko napanood. Thanks.

    Hi FBI,
    Thanks. Oo nga, ngayon ko din napansin. But I think Robin never had a hair like that 🙂

    Hi Ferri,
    Oy nabuhay si Ferri :-). Hehehe ngayon ko din lang nakita eh.

    Oo nga, sana ipangalandakan nila kanilang roots. Thanks again.

  7. Note:
    The following comments were transferred from another post. I think they more properly belong here.

    abella said…
    I wonder why our kailyans who happen to be meztio or not do not acknowledge their root. I was in a mall i Manila the other day and saw a woman with (her three kids mayba)who resembles an Igorot features. I almost asked her where is she from but thought it twice and did not dare to converse with her for thought that she might not be happy to say she is an Igorot in case she is. People who have meet me thinks I do not look like a tribal person but would often tell them I am an original Kalangoya. My parents are original. I think they trace their origin from tinoc. Dpat daw Abella sana ang apelyido namin but…for many reasons. Any way. It is good to visit your blog site.

    chyt said…
    What do you mean when you say that the woman bore Igorot features? And why do people tell you they do not think you look like a tribal person? It could be because you are good-looking.

    Igorots have been typecast as ugly people by worldly standards. Sadly, some of us seem to have assimilated the stereotype. The funny thing is the outside world thinks Igorot people are dark (which they disdain. Personally, I go for dark.)when in fact, the Igorots in the cold parts of the Cordillera are light-skinned, a fact which may be explained by GLoger’s Rule. In anthropology, Gloger’s Rule is that which says that the higher the temperature of a place, the darker the skin and/or feathers, hair, features of the animal population therein.

    The truth is if we apply worldly standards of beauty, the Igorots would be among the most goodlooking in this country if not the world.

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