Jeepney Accident in Sagada

Update: Cynthia Banga-an who was earlier reported to be in serious condition also died. Update from the Philippine Star here.

Eight people died while ten others were injured when a jeepney bound for Besao fell down a ravine in Pegew, Sagada. The jeepney was coming from Bontoc, Mt. Province.

According to Joel Fagsao of, the eight people who died are:

Mr. John Botengan, Sr.
Philip Alda, Sr.,
Linda (Tuesday) Begalan,
Paulyn Buko
Rosa Bal-i
Adeline Bad-ay
Francis Buyagan, Sr.
Belina Balisong

The following are injured and are presently confined at the Bontoc General Hospital:

Saturnina Tade
Sylvia Balangyao
Libby Tade
Janice Beyden
Lyn Palangdao
Cynthia Banga-an (in serious condition)
Felisa Balao-is,
Daniel Tano
Beliana Bayodang
Waldo Masweng

For more information, visit Our condolences to the families of those who died.

7 thoughts on “Jeepney Accident in Sagada”

  1. Our deepest sympathy to all the casualties of this accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with them!

  2. sorry accidentally errased.My condolonces to the victims especially to the Botengan’s family.GOD BLESS THEIR SOULS. Sagogong mi si Mr. John Botengan Jr.

  3. Hi Zora,
    Thanks. And thanks for dropping by. Will visit your blog 🙂

    Hi Adam&me,
    Thanks. And welcome to the blog. We hope you continue to join us here. Ay iBesao ka e?

  4. Only our Alitao John B stands out for me amongst the dead. But one of my cousins told me, she knows the families of the many who were killed. My condolences to all their families and friends. It’s just sheer sorrow to hear news like this…

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