Palarong Pambansa 2007: How Did Our Kids Do?

Are you a sports junkie? Well I’m not, but in one of my past lives, I used to do freelance work writing stories about athletes. So sports is a topic I’m somewhat interested in but not to the point where I qualify as a junkie. I follow Roger “The Greatest of All Time” Federer’s exploits though, but he’s not been winning lately so I’m kinda avoiding going to the tennis pages. What’s up Roger? Get a grip of yourself and start raising trophies again will you.

Anyways, our kids from the Cordilleras went down to Mindanao this week to compete in the Palarong Pambansa which, as you may already know, is our national athletic meet for elementary and high school students. So how did the kids from the boondocks do? Not bad, my friends, not bad at all.

Our kids did really well in athletics and arnis, a combat sport which Fil-Ams call kali. Kali, really, kali? Methinks kali doesn’t sound as kick-ass as arnis. Imagine saying, “Kali-in ko kaya ang gagong iyon” vs. “Arnisin ko kaya ang gagong yun”. Or “I’m gonna arnis you” vs. “I’m gonna kali you”. Seriously Fil-Ams, kali is so neutered a term for a combat sport.

Anyways, here’s a list of our kailiyans who made us proud in the Palaro. Congratulations kiddos!

Today is the last day of the competition so we will update this entry if we have the final results. But you might want to visit the not very user friendly Palaro site for more info.

Results for the Cordillera Administrative Region:
Elementary: 8th (out of 17 teams)
High School: 13th (out of 17 teams)

Claudine Galbay (triple jump): 1st place, 7 pts.
Claudine Galbay (long jump): 1st place, 7 pts.
Divina Kitongan (800m run): 1st place, 7 pts.
Levin Clark Mina (taekwondo): 2nd place, 3 pts.
Devorah Alacar(taekwondo): 2nd place, 3 pts.
Divina Kitongan (1,500m Run): 3rd place, 4 pts.
Arnold Galap (1,500m run): 3rd place, 4 pts.
Karl Kevin Daniel (taekwondo): 3rd place, 1 pt.
France Mauric Pangda (taekwondo): 3rd place, 1 pt.
Dyan Ashley Codamon, Gladen Tuldis, Ivy Gioken, and Jamille Lyzette Ang (badminton, team): 3rd place, 2 pts.
Mirriam Tumapang, Krystle Joy Sagun, Irene Lourie Mabazza, Annalyn Cortez (tennis, team): 3rd place, 2 pts.
Alma Bunagan (shot put): 4th place, 3 pts.
Benedic Catadal (high jump): 5th place, 2 pts.
Abraham Banos (discus throw): 6th place, 1 pt.
Leo Patrick NiƱalga (400 m run): 6th place, 1 pt.
Sharon Lubangon (discus throw): 6th place, 1 pt.

High School
Ma. Melissa Naputo (100 meter hurdles): 1st place, 7 pts.
Rolf Gagujas (taekwondo): 1st place, 7 pts.
Christopher De Leon (arnis, solo baston): 1st place,
Christopher De Leon (arnis, doble baston): 2nd place,
Glen Jay Duena (arnis, bantamweight): 2nd place, 3pts.
Karl Miko Alangui (arnis, lightweight): 2nd place, 3 pts.
Katherine May Santos (long jump): 3rd place, 4 pts.
Christian Earl Catolos (taekwondo): 3rd place, 1 pt.
Christopher De Leon (arnis, finweight): 3rd place, 1 pt.
Christopher De Leon, Andre Dean Fomaneg, Karl Mico Alangui (team, solo baston): 3rd place
Christopher Alangui, Andre Dean Fomaneg, Glen Jay Duena (team, doble baston): 3rd place
Ellamae De Los Santos (800m Run): 4th place, 3 pts.
Marc Jo Vincent Veloria (archery, 50m): 5th place, 2 pts.
Fernel Dela Cruz (800m run): 6th place, 1 pt.
Marc Jo Vincent Veloria (archery, FITA round): 6th place, 1 pt.

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    Hi Layad,
    Tama ka diyan. This guy’s/gal’s got a problem of some sort hehe.

  2. Anonymous , show us first the evidence before you say anything. you asshole!!! Palibhasa magagaling ang mga cordillerans. Kaya hindi niyo matanggap ang pakatalo. Diba they say that athletes must have the attitude na maging sporty or shall we say, self-acceptance???? jaja, wala ka kasing sportmanship.

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