Our Town: Bucay, Abra

Bucay is the first capital town of Abra. It was chosen by Spanish authorities as the capital because of its then strategic location. The map above was drawn by Abra’s first governor, Don Ramón Tajonera. This was what the town was supposed to look like. But then the best laid schemes of mice and men often go astray. So Bucay never developed into what Tajonera wanted it to become.

According to researcher Jose Perdigon (visit his website here), only the welcome arch remains of Bucay’s colonial heritage. Sad? Yes. Surprising? No. We live in a country that does not have a sense of its past. It’s good that we have dedicated people like Jose Perdigon who are doing something about our heritage.

Today, Bucay is a 5th class municipality with 21 barangays and about 15, 000 residents. More information about Bucay here.
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  1. The town of Bucay grew considerably since Tajonera days, but the old site north of the street that ends in Casa Real is still very much what appears in the map, particularly the layout of the streets. The street where the granaries were located is now the road to Manabo, the Church was rebuilt around 1900 across the street and a bit to the north, the Tribunal still exists as today’s townhall (brickwork at back is still the original) and one can see the road to Peñarubia to the left of the old cemetery. For higyenic reasons the cemetery had to be transferred more to the north to its present site by the road to Peñarubia.

  2. For are project purpose only……What are the (previous and present plans) of Burikibok resort that is located at Bucay,Abra….THANK YOU… pakisend na lang poe sa e mail ko….maraming maraming salamat poe talaga….

  3. Hi. I am inquiring what celebration in Bucay, Ang what is the name of your Festival particularly. Thanks you for your humble reply. 🙂

  4. Bucay, Abra will now take off to development and economic progress under the tutelage of the dynamic and hands-on Mayor Victorino B. Baroña, Jr.
    the new & unique welcome signages, newly constructed municipal hall, public market, concrete roads in the central part and to all the barrio roads..As it says “A place where no one is left behind..”On October 28 & 29, 2012 let’s all see and enjoy the Bucay Town fiesta with the GMA Kapuso artists..;) see you there!!!

  5. Bucay I believe is also a family “last name”, in some parts of Abra. The most beautiful woman from Abra, that I knew of was named Lolita Bucay. She was my late brods kumare, and hoping she is still alive and well in Baguio. Haven’t seen her in decades. Bless her and family.

  6. I am from bucay abra.
    We have started and organized a group trying to protect.restore.preserve the rich history of bucay.
    We started from roces cave.we would.like to solicit your views regarding casa real since it already became a private property.the arch needs help from professionals who know about landmark preservation and restoration.the issue of who owns it is one big question to us.is there any law that can support public claim thst since it is a historical landmark or a heritage treasure the lgu must have the right to own and preserve it. . .,WE brlieved that if we are going to promote bucays tourism the casa de real is the heart of it!
    Moreover we also have historical places like “airstrip” which was usef by americans during ww2.a place called”punta or junts de blanco”of the japanese soldiers all these. . . Perhaps somebody out there can help us!thanks

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