Our Town: Asipulo, Ifugao

Asipulo, the newest town of Ifugao Province, is home to Kalanguyas, Ayangans, and Tuwalis. The town was carved out of Kiangan municipality sometime in the 1990s. In 2006, Asipulo distinguished itself as one of the country’s best performing municipalities in the implementation of the goverment’s Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) program. Because of this good performance, the town was able to secure more funding support from the national government. [Lesson to government executives: GOOD GOVERNANCE PAYS!]

The town’s elevation ranges from 450 to 1,935 meters above sea level. For those interested in guerrilla stories like me, you might find it interesting that one of the mountains in Asipulo, Mt. Situ, used to be the hideout of World War II guerrillas. The mountain is named after one of the guerrilla camps — Camp 2 or C-2.

INFO SOURCES: Asipulo Municipal Website and the Philippine Information Agency. PHOTO SOURCE: Asipulo Municipal Website.

5 thoughts on “Our Town: Asipulo, Ifugao”

  1. I would like to visit this place. This is a great place to learn and revisit the heroics of our WWII Guerilla Heroes. Great info!

  2. Hi Kayni,
    And its near Kiangan too where they have that WWII Memorial in the site where Yamashita surrendered.

  3. elo tere,

    yes we actually grow coffee in asipulo in the natural way, estimate area of coffee plantation is about 500 hectares which produces about 200tons every year. the Hojap Multi – Purpose Coop in the locality also processes coffee and market it as ground coffee blend, 40%arabica and 60%robusta. Asipulo coffee is guaranteed organic as it is naturally grown without external inputs.

  4. Been to this place and it feels so relaxing. The touch of nature expressed in the calmness of the municipality and the hospitaliy of the people is what makes me feel like going back to Asipulo… and someday I will!

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