Now Up and About & The Bamboo Jeepney

Apologies to all of you for being missing in action. I’ve been sick these past days but have since recovered. I hope to continue blogging regularly again 🙂

Meantime, here’s a cool video of the Bangued Bamboo Jeepney which we first blogged about here. In case you missed this comment in our earlier post, this unique jeepney was made by the dad of our blogger friend and regular commenter, the Novice Blogger.

Thanks to Bangued Online for uploading the video.

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4 thoughts on “Now Up and About & The Bamboo Jeepney”

  1. We missed u, Sir B! I hope u r fully recovered by now. Hmmm… Baka haan mo gamin nga pinati ti advice ni Sir Trublue nga hinay-hinay lang =)


  2. Hi FBI,
    Thanks much 🙂

    Hi Layad,
    Thanks. Yes I did recover fully. Hehehe, yup I think not following Trublue’s advice has something to do with it. Alcohol kind of lowers one’s resistance 🙂

    Hi JMom,
    Thanks. Yup. I am 🙂

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