Nan Layad Nan Likhatan, The Pe’tune Version

We’ve been talking about the song, Nan Layad Nan Likhatan, in our other blog [here and here] but we haven’t uploaded any video performance of the song. Good thing the Pe’tune Band have this video which they recorded during their performance at the Baguio Convention Center. Good job, guys.

We will upload a more soulful version of the song when we find one.

9 thoughts on “Nan Layad Nan Likhatan, The Pe’tune Version”

  1. Hey, good work for finding this performance, Sir BB! Hmmm… Some of the band members changed, even the vocalist. I know some of them in the video; the vocalist is a childhood friend’s younger sister. Her voice is quite similar to the former vocalist 🙂

    When was this video taken? Was it recent?

    it is a song full of meanings that are really happening.
    Continue the good job and do more

  3. great to see such videos like this promoting our very own. hats-off ak ken dakayo ay kakabsat. matago-tago tako am-in!

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