Mt. Province By The Numbers

Let’s continue our By the Numbers series which we first started with Benguet. This time, here are some interesting statistical figures from Mt. Province.

87%: Current literacy rate of Mt. Province, it dropped by five-percentage points from the 92.44% literacy rate recorded in the 1990s.

Because of this decline, the provincial government, the Department of Education, and the Mt. Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) started Project MMAKSI or Makasulat, Makabasa, Am-in Kuma nan Inanuy-a. This project requires high school graduating students as well as those graduating from MPSPC’s Bachelor of Education program to teach at least one illiterate person before they are allowed to graduate.

P1.691 million: Total revenue generated by Mt. Data Hotel in 2006, the year it was turned over to the provincial government. The hotel had been operating at a loss when it was managed by the Philippine Tourism Authority but it now appears to be making money under its new management. The most probable reason for the turnaround? Government agencies which hold seminars/trainings are enjoined to use Mt. Data Hotel instead of going to other hotels.

Several electrocuted bats: Have caused power interruptions/fluctuations in some areas serviced by the Mt. Province Electric Cooperative (MOPRECO). The recurring problem was solved when electric lines identified as bat hangouts were covered with plastic screen.

3,864: Number of malnourished children in Mt. Province. This figure represents 9.2% of the 40,059 children (i.e., those 12 years old and below) in the province.

16 out of 100: Number of school-age children who should be in elementary school but who are not going to school.

100%: Percentage of hospitals in Mt. Province certified as mother-baby friendly. Mother-baby friendly hospitals prohibit milk formula in their premises. They also advise mothers to breastfeed one hour after birth and to exclusively breastfeed their babies for six months. Said hospitals also strictly practice rooming in whereby mothers and babies remain together immediately after birth.

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