Marky Cielo Reporting from Ifugao

Here’s an interesting video of Marky Cielo doing a report on food security from Ifugao. I guess this is only a part time gig with Reporter’s Notebook, a GMA news and public affairs program, but let’s hope that the GMA management can give him more projects like this. He acquitted himself well, I must say. [Hallo Reporter’s Notebook, can you make Marky a regular reporter or something?]

About the video itself, I think it did a good job of reflecting the Cordillera food situation in general. What do you think?

Those Hungry Hungry People
For Marky Cielo Fans
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5 thoughts on “Marky Cielo Reporting from Ifugao”

  1. Hi Anonymous,
    Hehe. Ikaw naman. Hindi naman pangit si Joe Taruc.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  2. For Marky though your gone,receive my gesture of respect and salute for you,being a true and proud igorot,you will be an inspiration to every true igorots who earned limelight through deeds not by mouth,..”I met you” and your mother during the 2nd Lang-ay at the Governors Mansion in Bontoc,Mtn Province,(my thanks to Gov. Dalog)and i said,’ay gegkem ay menkali is kali you?he replied Owen Adi!!! i smiled with respect and replied ‘gawis’…what you hav done will never die…God Bless

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