Jun Utleg’s Igorota

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Mapapa-wow ka sa ganda ng kantang ito. I think it typifies the kind of songs we love in the Cordilleras — smooth, kind of quiet (or walang vocal theatricals), and meaningful.

Jun Utleg used to be a member of Binhi, the Baguio band known for that hauntingly beautiful song, “Ang Bata”. I remember hearing “Ang Bata” performed in one of Baguio’s bars, was haunted by it, and went back the following night to buy a copy of the band’s record. I can imagine myself doing that for this song, “Igorota”.

Fellow bloggers: Let’s help promote this song. I-blog na rin ninyo sa inyong blog hehe.


12 thoughts on “Jun Utleg’s Igorota”

  1. Nice of Mr. Utleg to upload the video. Haven’t heard “Ang Bata” since I saw Binhi 2 years ago. I wonder if Binhi will ever upload some of their songs on youtube or some other website.

  2. what website where i can get the lyrics & chords of the song igorota and ang bata…or can you send it to me in my yahoo account..?please..?i really love the song of jun utleg…thank you

  3. i love these song IGOROTA..very meaningful and touching,it relate on something..hehehe..nice song,,kindly plz join me also from my website IGOROTAK..tnx and Go Bless..here’s the link….ifhontok.ning.com

  4. mga dude e2 ung lyrics wala nga lang chords

    On a soft green [play] ground by the river bend
    She was sitting there to meet the morning sun
    She was playing a [flute] when the songbird’s broke out
    As they listened to [her wonderful] melody
    And he was filled with every note she’s playing
    Slowly I sat by her side
    Igorota, girl of my dreams
    You’re the most precious gift that I ever had
    Igorota, queen of my heart
    I’ll go on loving you
    Throughout my life
    You are my day, my morning sun
    You’ll forever be my only one
    She puts the [flute] then sweetly she smiles
    And she asks me, “Why are you staring at me?”
    I held her close and a songbird sang
    I whispered to her, “I love you.”

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