Igorots Also Rock

Okay, we have established that Igorots can yodel, they can do country music, sentimental love songs, and the sort of alternative music that the Agi Band is good at. Now here’s a proof that Igorots can also rock. INVID is a band in Los Angeles which recently released an album, Mustard Coffee. Visit their website here or their Myspace account here. Recently, the band has embarked on a campaign to get more radio airplay. Visit their site to find out how you can support them.

The above is a music video of one of the band’s songs, Sweet Lucy Asleep. It features the band (Arnold Basingat, Sam Eliazo, Eric Pineda, Vincent Santos, and Jonathan Wandag) and some members of the Igorot community in California. Basingat may no longer be a part of the band since he is not listed in their site. Wandag, meanwhile, is the band’s lead vocalist.

If you love scary movies, you will certainly love this video. It has shades of The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, and those creepy Japanese/Korean movies that have become a hit these past few years. The song is really good too, you can listen to it repeatedly. It won’t tire your ears.

VIDEO CREDIT: INVID (written and directed by Patricio Ginelsa and A.J. Calomay)

4 thoughts on “Igorots Also Rock”

  1. bilib talaga ako kay bill he has all the resourcess in searching di nauubusan ng topic hehehe…(previous topic comment lang,dun sa tungkol sa mga NPA why did the visitor not bother to ask kung bakit pinapasabog nila ang mga GLOBE at Smart tower? kasi nga sabi ng rebel sa visitor indi daw sila terrorist! baka tama kasi ang conclusion ko just because of revolutionary tax hehe…

  2. Hi Ferri,
    Yeah they’re good, no. And by extension… tayo rin.

    Hi Nats,
    Hehehe, a part of me is actually saying, “Tama na iyan. You are wasting your life surfing the net”. Hehehe.

    Off topic: Yeah there are news reports that its due to unpaid revolutionary taxes. But bombing transmitters is not really a good way for rebels to win the hearts and minds of people.

  3. and burning buses too. I know a businessman who refused to pay RT to them and they burnt one of his buses. Pangit noh!

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