Igorot Achiever: Nick Domalsin

Thanks to our tipster from Canada who wrote us about the achievements of Nick Domalsin. Here’s what he said:

I would like to contribute something to the article First Igorots to achieve…… in BodyBuilder category. The first Mr. Philippines is Nick Domalsin Sr. in 1962 and he is from Barlig Mt.Province. He founded the Baguio Health Club and the older Ayochok was his student & kabagian also from Barlig.

With that tip, we did some research on Nick Domalsin. Thankfully, we found photos and more information about him which you can see after the jump.

From Pinoymuscle.com

Birthplace: Barlig, Mt. Province
Birthdate: December 12, 1929
Died: October 11, 1990

1957 Mr. Baguio City
1962 Mr. Philippines
1975 Mr. Philippines Short Class Division
1975 Mr. Asia Runner-up (held in Singapore)
1977 Mr. Philippines Bantam Division
1977 Mr. Asia Runner-up (held in Calcuta, India)

Other Achievements:

  • Director and proprietor of the Baguio Health club 1957 – 1990
  • Organizer of the 1985 Mr. Philippines National Bodybuilding Championship
  • President of PBBF from 1985-1990
  • Athlete of the Decade (Kafagway sports award) awarded January of 1991
  • Popularized bodybuilding in Northern Luzon
  • Elected Councilor of Baguio during the 1988 local elections
  • Member of the United Nations Troop… an ex-paratrooper, ex-scout ranger, ex-Korean veteran and veteran of the Huks campaign

So our kailiyan is a three-time Mr. Philippines and was runner-up in the Mr. Asia competition twice. Quite an accomplishment, isn’t it? His other achievements are just as impressive. We especially like the fact that he trained others and passed on what he knew about the sport.

Nick Domalsin (right) with his student and Samuel Ayochok (left). We did a short post on Ayochok here.

Nick Domalsin (front row, second from left) with his prodigies from the Baguio Health Club.

Man vs. Machine: During an exhibition in Burnham Park, Domalsin proves that he can “beat” an army jeep.

By the way, are you wondering about the baby that Domalsin is carrying in the very first picture? He is Reynold Domalsin, Nick’s son who is successfully following his father’s footsteps. We will also do a post about him in the coming days.

INFO/PHOTO SOURCE: Pinoymuscle.com

7 thoughts on “Igorot Achiever: Nick Domalsin”

  1. I learn something new every time I visit. Thanks for the great post.

  2. This is my great uncle 🙂 I am not lying. I am from Baguio City Philippines and my grandfather on my mother’s side’s last name is Lucio. I am proud of my great uncle.

  3. Wew. Its only now that I saw this. Nick Domalsin, My Grandfather’s brother. He died when I was still a pole 😀 atleast he left something that makes us remember him. 🙂

  4. Yes sir! I salute you again! we dont forget you, you are the only one who did that exhibition, only muscle in the world, no much!

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