Igorot Achiever: Kiko Calado, Journalist of the Year (Radio)

Our kailiyan Francis “Kiko” Calado of Baguio and Sablan, Benguet was named recently as the Broadcast Journalist of the Year (for Radio) by the Rotary Club of Manila. Kiko is with the DZRH ratio station in Manila.

The award was given to our kailiyan “for his reporting style which is a breath of fresh air in the often frenzied world of radio news broadcasting since his coverage of news and current affairs is driven by facts, not controversy and which have remained true to the principles of responsible journalism”. [Source: Rotary]

Here’s a tidbit about Kiko’s journalistic exploits from an article written by Ramon Dacawi:

Kiko was with DzNL in La Union, a sister station of DzRH, when the July 16, 1990 killer quake hit Baguio. DzRH ordered him to cover the tragedy, prompting him to hike up Naguilian Road to be able to do it.

“Being the only correspondent with direct contact to our main office in Manila, I was the only reporter to air blow by blow the accounts in Baguio for three days, until the Manila and foreign media came in,” he recalls.

Read the complete article at Sunstar-Baguio. And you might want to leave a congratulatory message to our kailiyan at the DZRH Blog.


10 thoughts on “Igorot Achiever: Kiko Calado, Journalist of the Year (Radio)”

  1. They should have just waived the dress code and let him be all he can be like: cowboy hat, black coat, a g-string, and barefoot.
    With a journalistic acumen tucked in his resume, very deserving to be in the Hall of Fame of Igorot Achievers! Way to go!!
    On your lists of achievers, can we delete some?, hehe.. just a thought. Cheers.

  2. Wow talaga! Sir Kiko is from Sablan? I’ve been tuning in to DZRH noon pa man! (Influence ng dad ko actually.) He sure is a good reporter.

    Mantoltoloy koma itan! Kudos to all Igorot achievers!


  3. When I read the title of this entry, I’m sure the name rings a bell! Kase pala, I have been a DZRH listener in elem, and during summer vacations in HS…di lang news kundi pati drama.. from MatudNila to Bentekwatrooras! (Trublue, walang okrayan!:) kASE transistor radio lang ang meron nun sa bundok and DZRH is the coolest…


  4. Yipee!!! Personally, more “press passes” to come hahaha…

    Seriously, good things happen to good people. Not only a great journalist but a very good friend to someone dear to us. ‘Sana dumami lahi nya’!

  5. Hi Trublue,
    Tama ka dyan. What a picture that would be, cowboy hat and all.

    Parang kilala ko ang gusto mong idelete ah, hehe. But no, we can’t We might not like their politics but this should not distract us from recognizing what they have achieved 🙂

    Hi FBI,
    It’s a good surprise to know that he is iSablan ano. Thanks.

    Hi Ferri,
    Eh buti sa inyo nakakaabot DZRH. Sa amin ang nakakarating lang yata noon ay DZWT. Thanks.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Sana nga dumami lahi niya especially in these days of sensationalized journalism. Thanks.

  6. I just read the Sunstar article. He is truly an inspiration to everyone, not just Igorots. 🙂

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