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  1. I wonder if the picture is staged. I mean, do our elders still dress in traditional dress? Last time I was in Sagada in 2002, I don’t remember seeing anyone in traditional dress. They were all wearing western clothing.

    thanks for the link, btw. 🙂

  2. A few old men in my tribe still wear the bahag. 🙂 They said pants are uncomfortable during warm weather. During cold weather, the bahag wearers just wrap a blanket around them. 🙂

    Bill, that’s a nice pic. 🙂

  3. My last two years of Elementary were spent at da All Saint’s Mission in Bontoc during da early 60’s. Late Rex B was my principal.
    Every afternoon Vespers and on Sunday Masses, I was always an altar boy. Yet, all those countless vespers and masses I’ve attended, I have never seen anyone came to church in G-strings. Even in Bontoc Proper. Also Besao, Sagada, Alab, and KilTepAn, honestly, don’t remember anyone wearing it and Mr Wil, this was da 60’s.
    Now, there’s so much pride into it.
    Even those who never cared about their igorotness are now sporting this aerodynamic loin cloth.
    Btw, courtesy of da Anglican Church, became a drinker coz of that Mompo wine I sipped on da side, hahaha….Cheers.
    Yeah, believe Kent scripted that photo of our Allapo. Gawis ay masdem yo am-in……

  4. Hi Wil,
    That was my initial reaction too. Pero baka it depends on the place. As Ferri says a few old men wear bahag in her village.

    You’re welcome 🙂

    Hi Ferri,
    Totoo yan, pants can be uncomfortable . Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. I didn’t notice those photographs at the background until you mentioned it 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    I like the word you used, aerodynamic. Buti hindi ka pinalo ng pari for drinking all that Mompo wine hehe. By the way, are you referring to Rex Reyes? Didn’t know he taught at All Saints? Thanks.

  5. My late father’s kailian, Rex Botengan of Besao. He passed away in Los Angeles a few years ago I believe.
    We never got caught with the Mompo wine and the white thin bread. We
    had this fearless and gutsy Ifontok
    who was our leader and knew where the goods were kept. He made sure we are fed and our nerves are calm
    before each vespers by downing some wine..hehe….
    Back to Allapo (he looks quite fit too for his age), his hands and fingers are positioned at the very top of the PC indicating he’s confused. What the heck, it’s a great picture anyway, who knows he might be a blogger like you guys, beating me!!! Gawis ay wakgat yo am-in good people.

  6. Wow! The picture is simply fascinating. I’d like to borrow the pic some time for a future post. 🙂

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