Hello, Hello Again, Hello

My first post after a year of sabbatical from the internets. My apologies for the long silence. Let’s just say that I spent a year wandering in the wilderness. It’s good for the soul, actually. Hehe.

Anyway, its challenging to re-start a blog after a long hiatus. So for starters, here’s a comic version of a song – Hello Again – which kind of sums up what I feel at this point. The song is from a band called The Cars. Maybe some of you have heard of their music before? They were supposedly active in the 70s/80s.

The song is actually pretty cool and makes me wonder why The Cars did not become as big as other bands which were so famous that their songs reached our part of the boondocks. [Note: The guys in this video are not The Cars but a comic group spoofing their song.]

So we’re back. My thanks to those of you who kept visiting despite my absence. Cheers nga kuna ni Trublue.

6 thoughts on “Hello, Hello Again, Hello”

  1. Ayeeeehhhh! I so admire your tenacity to be there somewhere, yet mum on every issues for so long. It’s like being bullied in class everyday and not striking back. I can’t do that! People’s posturing and showy attitudes energizes me to do my usual rants, I call it opinion.

    Welcome back and Cheers to you!

  2. welcome back sir BB!hope you had a wonderful time in the wilderness..ket ada nabirokam ijay sir?hehe

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