Funny Videos [3]: Manny Pacquiao of La Trinidad, Benguet

Here’s our third funny video. It is not hilariously funny but our kailiyan from La-Trinidad does resemble boxer Manny Pacquiao in some aspects. His attempt to mimic Pacquiao’s attempt to speak English is kind of fun. Credit for this video goes to Rafael Manuel Jr.

In case you missed the first two funny videos we uploaded, here they are: Way to Go Kiddo and Funny or Offensive?

VIDEO CREDIT: Rafael Manuel Jr. RELATED POSTS: Way to Go Kiddo; Funny or Offensive?

2 thoughts on “Funny Videos [3]: Manny Pacquiao of La Trinidad, Benguet”

  1. what the hell mas kuhang kuha pa nya kesa yung impostor ni manny…i give you five! by the way contest ba yan kasi my number sila hehe…

  2. Hi Nats,
    Yup, mukhang contest ito sa La-Trinidad. Baka meron palang pag-asa itong kailiyan natin na maging comedian 🙂

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