FtB Lister Ruben Guinolbay

As we earlier stated in The List, Part 5, Ruben Guinolbay (Philippine Military Academy, Class 94) is much praised for his leadership in the campaign against the Abu Sayyaf. He is also now detained for his alleged participation in the alleged February 2006 coup. Lots of “alleged” here eh? Don’t blame me, I’m just protecting my arse.

Anyway, who do we blame when a decorated officer turns his back against the powers-that-be? The officer’s ego? Or do we blame authorities who, because of their desire to cling to power, corrupted practically every political institution in this country.

Me? I don’t blame Guinolbay. Sadly for him (and for us and for the country), his military career might be over.

Update: Seems like I haven’t sufficiently covered my ass ha ha. The second paragraph should read, “Anyway, if the allegations are true, who do we blame when a decorated officer turns his back against the powers-that-be?” Thanks to Pieta for pointing out my mistake.

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  1. There must have been a reason for all the “alleged”s in your blog. “who do we bame when a decorated officer turns his back on the powers-that-be”? Does this mean you presume that he is guilty?
    This man appears to be the best thing that has ever happened to the Philippine Army. Brave and honest, he faced the Senate and the House investigating committees and exposed corruption among the generals. A consumate officer, he is precisely what the Army needs. It is up to us, the people, to make sure his career isnt over. We need him.

  2. Pieta,
    Thanks for dropping by and for pointing out a mistake. Nope, I do not presume that he is guilty although as you pointed out, the sentence was written as if he was. I’m including an update to correct the post.

    If the court decides that he is guilty, he still deserves to be in The List — maybe even more so. Ha ha. Thanks again.

  3. I agree with Pieta, Capt. Guinolbay is the best thing that ever happened to the Philippine Army.He has kept his oath to protect our country. Well, there’s always sunshine after the rain.I sincerely wish that this problem will get over soon.

  4. Cathy,
    I agree with you too. I hope he gets over this problem and that the “sun will shine out the clearer” as they say in the Lord of the Rings.

  5. During the 1989 Coup against then Pres. Corazon Aquino, one of the RAM officer is also from the BoondocKs… Manong Ernesto P. Cutiyog, CAV PMA Class of 1979, he was just captain then when they were incarcerated in 808 Fort Bonifacio with fellow Ilocanos among then also then Captain Danilo Lim … Manong Erning hails from Banawe too …

  6. Well… The country really needs such people like Ruben Guinolbay specially now…

    i don’t understand why this administration making such highly trained and skilled person just to waste their time in the detention…I don’t know why these people like Ruben Guinolbay who are well tested on their loyalty and faithfulness in this country are the ones who are being put in detention while those corrupt and evil and dishonest official are still sitting pretty while making their pocket deeper and deeper…

    Putting such person in a boring and useless detention will just ruin their skills, why not use them the best way…

    who knows one of them will be a reason to solve the problem in Mindanao or at least lessen the problem in the south…

  7. pnjoo7

    Well, it made me realy sad and sick to learn about Cpt. Guinolbays’ detention. may be there will come a time when all good peaples will be put behind bars ha ha ha! and the bad news is many of ours’ igorots and kailians are realy good guys! therefore we all bound to jail! ha ha ha! joke anggaay adi! may be this is just a test of time for Capt. Guinolbays capabilities towards greater purpose,or just a simple plain mistake or it realy represents a fractions of reality that nowadays we are in realm of extreme political delemma. It realy made me sad aggrivated by the books I read about leadership authored by Warren Bennis of newyork that leaders are in dangered species in our contemporary times and I think capt. Guinolbay is just one of the few. God bless you Capt. Guinolbay and I believed when human justice failed, Justice of God will still prevail. Matagotago tako kuma!

  8. art14640

    Well… you are right, we a really in a political dilemma or maybe it is safe for me to say that we are in a political crisis. We can’t deny the vicious cycle of too much politicking in our society… who are the untouchables in our community,..? the politicians, isn’t it..? Our political leaders that are chosen by the masses to represent and lead them are the ones who even lead the oppression of the masses… they are even trying to manipulate us as if we are their own…They are the number in graft and corruption, correct me if I am wrong! Who is a politician whose pocket did become deeper after the election, you even count them by your fingers…This are realities that can’t be a faced but it’s happening … Politicking even in the Arm Forces of the Philippines just to get money supposedly for the payment of blood, sweat, and gallantry of our soldiers… Have you seen a good soldier who becomes rich…? The best example is the case of Capt. Ruben Guinolbay.

  9. free at last..the Major,then captain, is back and is walking as a free man in his beloved Ifugao like Julius Ceasar..hahah a typical stance for an Ifugao in his own home..

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