Election Postscript: Juicy Sabangan Letters

Wow! The art of letter writing really bloomed in this past elections, no? We’ve heard about letters being sent by Sagada politicians to each other (but which was also furnished to Sagada voters). We hope to eventually get copies of said letters and to publish them here if they are praiseworthy or “mockworthy”. There’s also an interesting letter sent to our iSabangan kailiyans and a response to said letter by some concerned iSabangans which you can read at the Northern Philippine Times blog.

Here’s a backgrounder for said Sabangan letters: Although he won in Mt. Province, re-electionist Congressman Victor Dominguez lost very badly in the town of Sabangan to his nephew Sabangan Mayor Jupiter Dominguez. Victor’s loss in said town obviously prompted his youth supporters (the Victor Dominguez Youth Brigade) to write a letter to iSabangans which could be summarized as: “Walang utang na loob! Pagkatapos kayong inaruga, binihisan, at pinakain. Ito ang igaganti ninyo kay Victor.”

In response, a group of concerned iSabangans hit back at the Youth Brigade. Their letter is much longer but it could be shortened to: “Duh! Ano’ng akala ninyo sa amin baboy na binibili?”

Rather than publishing the letters here, we suggest that you go read them at the Northern Philippine Times blog because you can also read lots of news about the Cordilleras in said blog.

Now, if we are to score the smackdown between the Victor Dominguez Youth Brigade and the Concerned iSabangans, we have to declare the Concerned iSabangans as the winner.

Bakit hindi panalo ang Youth Brigade? Eh paano ba naman, nanalo na nga ang kanilang kandidato eh nagpuputok pa ang buchi nila. Why the vindictiveness? In three years time, Victor will be running again and if he and his supporters continue to be vindictive it would be harder for them to get back the support of iSabangans.

Anyway, here’s our unsolicited advice to the unfortunately named Victor Dominguez Youth Brigade: Change your name kids! It sounds too much like the Hitler Youth Brigade. What next, are you going to be saying “Heil Victor!” and raising the swastika?

UPDATE: In case you want to read more juicy letters, this time related to Congressman Dominguez’s selective (or vindictive) scholarship program, then you should visit Freedom Rings who has thankfully uploaded the letters for us.

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6 thoughts on “Election Postscript: Juicy Sabangan Letters”

  1. speakin of letters, wanna have copies of victor s. dominguez’s letters to general eugene martin?(atleast i think he’s a general.i forgot his rank coz it’s not that important to me.)anywayz, those letters caused the transfer of 2 Isabangan policemen to bontoc and then to camp dangwa.the letters make me laugh, really..aside from the countless grammatical errors, they’re also filled with lies (if you ask me, it seems they’re written by a madman). and while we’re at it, may i know if a TONGRESSMAN (the “T” for “C” is deliberately done) has the right to command a military man? btw, eugene martin is the godson of victor–whether that be in baptism or marriage, i don’t care. send me an email if the letters interest you. thanks! *here’s my email address: truthexists2007@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Anonymous (or Lynn?)
    Thanks for providing the link. I have added the link as an update to this post. Thanks too for putting up the very interesting letters in your blog. Ang lolo natin talaga ano? Hehe

  3. Yo! yeah mah bro, the name’s Lynn with a capital V for Vendetta. that movie was great! ‘nywayz, thanks for linkin to my friendster post. i have a request though..kindly link it to my blogspot acct coz am gonna delete my friendster blog. a lot of freaky advertisements in there, ‘hate them. ‘yaman!

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