Edward Folayang is URCC Open Weight Champ

The video shows Edward Folayang beating Carlos Baduria in their championship bout during the Universal Reality Combat Championship [URCC] held this month. ABS-CBN has a report on Folayang but the video is beyond bad so I decided not to upload it; still you can watch it here.

Warning: Some violence in the footage as may be expected in combat sports.

2 thoughts on “Edward Folayang is URCC Open Weight Champ”

  1. Sad parts of fights like these are the “hidden macho” personalities of some of the fighters. Heck, if you are already hurt and opponent is pummelling you at will, “tap-out” and surrender!! There will always be another tomorrow.
    Cheers to both regardless!

  2. nice fight but i think too early for the referee to stop the fight… he should have wait funeral services to be present hehe

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