Congress Watch: Dominguez Heads Games and Amusements

After Baguio Rep. Mauricio Domogan and Benguet Rep. Samuel Dangwa got “chairmanship” positions in Congress, we speculated that the other Cordillera Representatives will not be getting any significant post. It turns out that we were wrong because Mt. Province Rep. Victor Dominguez is now the chair of the Committee on Games and Amusements.

We don’t know exactly what the committee does but the congressional website states that it has jurisdiction over “all matters directly and principally relating to all forms and places of recreation, gaming and amusements.” So, apparently, this committee focuses on gambling related matters like jueteng, small town lottery, casinoes, etc. etc. Maybe this is the reason why the committee has a mind-boggling number of members, 122, which is about one third of the total House membership?

Anyway, congratulations to Congressman Dominguez for getting a significant post in Congress. As we noted here, he headed the same committee during the Ramos presidency.

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